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Thanks. Yeah I'm in Queens
Received the desert ducks yesterday figured I'd post a quick pic. I'm looking forward to how these will break in over time.
Here's the Mallory I picked up from a recent sale. I've wanted one of these for quite some time. Eventually, I'll pick up a Cameraman man but I don't think I need any more outerwear right now. Btw, this thread needs more pics of people actually wearing these amazing pieces.
As you can see from post count, I'm mostly a lurker. I received the Fairisle shirt last week and wanted it's a great piece. Wore it last night to the Little Dragon show here in NYC. Unfortunately, I didn't take a true fit pic. Here's a little taste Note: It got too hot in Terminal 5 so my suspenders came down. Luckily, my new found pot belly held up my jeans Looking forward to my next Epaulet purchase. Thinking about a pair of moleskin trousers. I'll have to read...
Great fit apolune.
Here's the blue-green. It's too cold to take pics in the sunlight.
No big deal. I love the shirt. I'll eventually get it shortened.
I received my shirt yesterday. I got the blue green. It's a very interesting color. The shirt is very soft. I was worried about my measurements. The shirt came out well but my measurement for the length was way too long. The only issues are outside of the gussets there are no selvage accents and there is no inside pocket. I think the Navyman was supposed to have the inside pocket. Fit pics will come later this week.
Love the shirts. The hickory stripe shirts look really good. Looking forward to seeing the polka dot fit pics.
Zissou any update?
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