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I'm in just sent you an email. hoping to re create a gant rugger varsity i missed out on a few years back.
does anyone know where i can find these or something similar? saw them posted on ebay the other day but not my size
black card was just an invite to nomads private sale, with the card w/h was 40% off, some brands were 50% off like gitman, it was basically like their boxing day sales, picked up the w/h washed straight fits and both colours of the wool chinos.
long shot but was this vest for sale by any chance? If so id take an xl if anyone is willing to proxy.
+1 on the cords. I have been buying W/H since F/W 07 and they are by far the best item i have by them. Got them in blue and khaki, looking forward to seeing the charcoals in person.
Hey Slack just wanted to say how sorry i am about your experience with RG. Not only does it sound like you purchase a fair bit from them but you happen to be a major driver behind the W + H threads here and probably direct them to alot of business indirectly. I rarely post but nevertheless am a huge lurker and a big fan of W + H and just wanted to say I really appreciate all your input on the brand on here.
looking for a pair of MIJ dior 21s in 34. This is a great idea by the way.
i would call but I live in Canada, none of the big box retailers will ship here, so i need a proxy. I also am not clear on when the markdowns occur in regards to the gentleman that offered a few posts above, I apperciate it nonetheless.
if someone comes across a pair of 21cm mij diors in 34 grab them for me, ill make it worth your while. also for those in Toronto, TNT blu has gone 70% off - $59 gitman/gant rugger shirts, one pair of W/H khaki corded cloth in 32 for $69.
Hey, mentioned this in the sales thread as well, if anyone comes across a pair of Dior MIJ 21's in a size 34 in the next few days during boxing day sales, i would be happy to pay a proxy, thanks
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