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@Coldsnap I'd recommend against the poplin workshirts, they have terrible (ie remarkably flimsy) collars, more abrasive construction, and inferior fabric compared to their heritage poplin/striped oxfords/chambrays. It's the only shirt I own from them that had the placket crease on the underside (with the buttons) as well, which takes a lot of ironing to get out.
Authentic fit, size 29x30 (tts), "resin rinse," worn for a couple of months, fades aren't worth mentioning. They fit well, though. Oh, and no shoes, because I'm lazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y that is a small. and they don't have xs. For $10 each I'll keep them. If they had xs I'd exchange, but whatever. Oh! My mistake, I misread your post as saying they were mediums, I understand now.
You're definitely a small, if not smaller--I'd highly recommend exchanging.
Just got finished grilling some customer service chat-people and got some info. Essentially, the Heritage Oxford Shirt is 1/2 an inch shorter in sleeve and body length than both the Heritage Striped Oxford and the Garment Dyed Oxford, with the same chest/waist/armhole measurements. Additionally, the newer model Heritage Pattern Poplin shirts are 1/2 an inch longer in body measurement than the older model Heritage Poplin shirts. I can also attest to their being made of a...
As several members have already pointed out, both the Authentic and Navigator models have 6 buttons showing. However it is true that the Black Navigator model is made of 100% wool, while its colored models, as well as all of the Authentic models, are an 80% wool/20% nylon blend.
The Groupon codes cannot be combined with any other offers (nor can you use more than one promotional code on the site at a time).
I'm pretty sure that the Navigator and Authentic are the same, other than the lining (Authentic having a fleece lining, Navigator being lined with satin).
Yes, Sterlingwear = Stearlingwear of Boston.
You are correct, they do not shrink like the 501 shrink-to-fits.
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