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Lost my levis filson oil finish trucker in Paris, and I really wanted to buy another one. Turns out filson is canceling all its collaborations to focus more on their own lines. If anyone has this jacket in a medium or can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated Thanks
[[SPOILER]] Filson Cover Cloth WeekenderJ Crew Work shirtLevis-Filson 505Wolverine 1000 Mile
care to explain what makes it look tight on me? I think the nature and stiffness of the oil finish makes the fabric fold and pull in ways softer fabrics wont. (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the jacket looks better crinkled up in the arms and some areas.) sleeves look long but hang perfect when I hold them up as if holding a steering wheel which makes me feel it is designed and fits as intended, like a trucker should In the buttoned up pics I'm wearing 2 layers (T...
Maybe a bit in the chest with a thick layer. I also have only at max buttoned the 3 center ones. fit pics because probably like you, I was looking all over the internet for pics of this jacket on ACTUAL people. apologies for dirty mirror/shitty iPhone pics.
Just got and loving the tan version. For reference: I'm 5'9" 165lbs and I'm wearing a medium. Perfect fit to wear with just a T, or with a button up, and even a thinn sweater over. like all waxed items, you will sweat in it if it gets too warm
Just picked up a pair of these fantastic boots yesterday, thought I'd post a nice comparison pic with my year old clark's db Both are the same sized 8. Apparently I'm an 8 no matter what i wear. Edit: Here's a pic of them on me, which gives a pretty good idea of how they look with a pair of slim jeans
i wouldn't mind possibly resoling my DBs with leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by handsometigers tried on a size 8 (usually I'm a size 9) since people have said to either size down one whole size or half a size. Sitting down, size 8 felt comfortable, but as soon as I started walking I got that "pinching" at my toes like you guys have mentioned. Size 8.5 felt right though. Do DBs really stretch enough? I've read people sized down a half size but I tried on a 7.5 (i'm a size 8 normally) and it was...
i dunno it did have a nice waxy feel to em...I just liked that the mink oil made it a bit richer looking..
bought a pair of size 8 beeswax DBs last week applied 2 coatings of mink oil and a spray of waterproof protection. Pics of me wearing them on day 1 Pics of them a week later. I've purposely have not been gentle with them. I complained about pinching around the arch toe area and it's stretched a bit and hasnt bothered me much the past few days. I expect more stretching as time goes on, I really hope they end up looking like these: saw someone on the...
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