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Payment sent for: Borrelli for Fedeli 100% cashmere purple Isaia 7 fold coral jacquard
Recently received items from: gshen, NachoLibre, and edmorel. Great sellers, and will no doubt be ordering more from all three in the future. Edit: Just received a tie from Spoo, thanks!
1 2 21 22 29
3b. 32L x 2 3b. 24L x 8 4b. 24L x 24
Payment sent for Isaia #3. Bordeaux paisley
Congratulations on the store! Looks great so far and I can't wait to drop by next time I'm in HK.
Looks great, aj_del.
Quote: Originally Posted by CanuckBassist I think that there should be more interest in the shoulder/messenger bag because I think most people couldn't use the backpack for work. I know I'm waiting eagerly for it. Exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one General idea: Jacket: very low 2 button stance, slim fit, notch lapel, double vented, lighter, less padded shoulder, low sleeve heads. Trousers: single pleated, side tab, medium-low rise, tapered leg. Full floating canvas, horn buttons, all the good stuff. That sounds pretty much ideal. A high armhole option on the jacket and a flat front option for the trousers would be great too.
hell yes
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