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Looks great Jeffrey. What size is that?
Looks like it's my lucky day. Have a friend on his way here from HK. I'm a 30 waist... can anyone tell me if I'd be a S or an M for sweatpants in the Hong Kong sizing?
The wool/cashmere blend is definitely too hot for 30 degrees.Never handled the Plokhov stuff so maybe someone else can chime in on that.Yeah I'm hoping some other items from the Japanese release will be made available later in Australia. Didn't see those flat fronts in any size/color in store or online.
I tried the sweatpants on in a M. Quite liked them, but that's a size too big for me... will try and get the S on a restock. As for the wool/cashmere flat front pants, I really liked the styling on these, but they are so warm they will never get worn in Australia... so alas had to give them a miss. The relaxed/elasticated pants were long gone by the time I got there, hoping someone can tell me how thick they are compared to the other bottoms.
He offers RTW and bespoke.
Anyone know what happened to Hayel & Son? Someone in the building told me that they just moved out, but he wasn't sure if they had relocated or closed down.
Interesting posts, fxh. The book jhof5421 mentions from the exhibition is still available. Even book depository and fishpond have it in stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin I take it that these were not bought in Australia and if so which site did you get them from, how much with shipping? thanks You can check shipping on the site before submitting an order. I pay around $50 for shoe trees locally, so it works out cheaper through Cedarville (including shipping).
0a. 32L x 6 0a. 24L x 18 0b. 30L x 3 0b. 24L x 9 3c. 32L x 3 3c. 24L x 9 4b. 32L x 3 4b. 24L x 9
Payment sent for Tom Ford spring collection pocket squares.
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