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He offers RTW and bespoke.
Anyone know what happened to Hayel & Son? Someone in the building told me that they just moved out, but he wasn't sure if they had relocated or closed down.
Interesting posts, fxh. The book jhof5421 mentions from the exhibition is still available. Even book depository and fishpond have it in stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin I take it that these were not bought in Australia and if so which site did you get them from, how much with shipping? thanks http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=225925 You can check shipping on the site before submitting an order. I pay around $50 for shoe trees locally, so it works out cheaper through Cedarville (including shipping).
0a. 32L x 6 0a. 24L x 18 0b. 30L x 3 0b. 24L x 9 3c. 32L x 3 3c. 24L x 9 4b. 32L x 3 4b. 24L x 9
Payment sent for Tom Ford spring collection pocket squares.
Payment sent for: Borrelli for Fedeli 100% cashmere purple Isaia 7 fold coral jacquard
Recently received items from: gshen, NachoLibre, and edmorel. Great sellers, and will no doubt be ordering more from all three in the future. Edit: Just received a tie from Spoo, thanks!
1 2 21 22 29
3b. 32L x 2 3b. 24L x 8 4b. 24L x 24
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