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Tim, great compilation. Comparing it to the new EG, I am not sure if the direction things are going in is so great. How are the new season "surf" themed printed T-shirts (with the big dots and stripes) not a rip-off of what Saturdays Surf NYC does? Not a big deal, but I expect more originality from EG. BTW will this chambray FWK work shirt be available in the men's range as well? The darker chambray is a nice shade of blue. I guess nobody knows.
Sorry for replying so late. The fabric is very much in-between, but I'd say wearing it feels more than a jacket than a shirt. That's highly subjective of course.The fabric is "high count", meaning it's not letting a lot of air in and out, so if you live in a humid summery climate (like California or Japan), it would be definitely too warm. I expect to be wearing it here in Tokyo until around May and then from November onwards. It's just too damn humid in this city. It'd be...
Only if you can live with very short sleeves. I am between M and L and went for L in this one for the sleeve length and body length. This jacket looks better layered, as you can see in the lookbook. Well, I guess some of the guys here will size down to match it with their stretchy pants, but I don't think that's a good look unless you have very short arms.
..."in my opinion". Speak for yourself, okay?
I bought the olive one "offline" on Saturday and it's one of the best EG pieces I ever owned. The fabric works well for a shirt jacket - just the right weight, and the shade of olive is just right. The other colours were good too but the olive one stands out. And the best thing, it doesn't make most of the mistakes so often see with EG these days. It's not costume-y, no comical pockets or little flaps and straps, and it has a good length, so we guys who are over 6 feet can...
Well, he might be described as "avid", but he picked up surfing only fairly recently. Don't mean to burst everyones bubble here, but whoever thinks real surfers wear this kind of clothing is deluding themselves. I surf, spent the most part of January on the north shore and have been to Teahupo'o a couple of times, but have never seen any serious surfer dress up "like a surfer", and definitely not like Bozo the Clown in ostentatious floral patterned little blazers.What I...
Exactly. EG has become quite the Fairy Boy brand over the years, it's good to see some manly stuff in the mix.Spot the difference?The golden eraToday
Yep, I remember 2005SS and still wear the olive Field Parka from that collection.
Well, these pieces look even more comically fashion-y and costume-like than ever before. I also don't like how a certain shop keeps on hijacking each and every EG thread on Styleforum for advertising. Now they got two dudes posting. Hilarious.
boutique u&i has it
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