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...This shit is really good.
Read this quote in a David Milch/Micheal Mann interview:"With Nostromo, Joseph Conrad said that he had wanted to write a novel about the degradation of an idea."???Any lit majors reading this thread?
Also, to sort of bump this... my steady beer is the Firestone IPA. I think it's called the "Union Jack". Anyhoo, super refreshing. But, back to German hefes. The only dunkelweizen I've been able to find is Ayinger. Looking for more dark German hefeweizens. If anyone has some stellar more local (Canada or the States, not Germany) microbrew suggestions I'm all ears.
Suggestions for a good dunkelweizen anyone?
After trying for the "slim" fit with the Sterlingwear, I've sadly taken an enormous amount of time (so much so I question my intelligence) to realize that if you want a "slim" fit you're going to have to probably go with some designer brand. I mean, I sized down with mine, got the version with the smaller arm holes, and the fit is still lacking. Not only in areas around the body, but to me it's especially noticeable in the arms. I'm a relatively athletically built...
I'm still curious about this. In fact, after I realized you posted the Laroo T.H.H. and Turf Talk feat. E-40 video, I'm even more curious. Granted, I think the music on "Money to Blow" is tremendous but, even considering that Hyphy and/or Bay Area hip hop aren't about lyrical virtuosity, Laroo and Talk's MCing seems especially prosaic in terms of content and delivery. In short, great beat. I just wish it was given to some MC's that could do something more effective then...
You don't see it? Johnny Depp as gothy eccentric in where large portions of the plot/humor deal with that character mixing it up with "the norms", who visually and brightly contrast with the gothy eccentric's monochromatic (mostly dark) paletted wardrobe. I think the contentious and fantastic romance aspect is a different element. But once again, first glace, it looks like the films have a lot in common.
It looks like Tim Burton decided to remake Edward Scissorhands, but for camp and laughs.
I'm interested. Why don't you like him? I don't think he's the greatest but I wouldn't call him shitty.
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