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It's sort of a visual sharing website (a digital pinboard for interests, if you will) in which things are categorized. I like it because I can post things, find out who likes them, look at their shit, and get turned on to new things. I had no idea who Egon Shiele was before joining. Thanks to the site's semi-social nature I've been exposed to a lot of things I wouldn't otherwise. Also, it's cool to have a portfolio of interests that are portrayed visually. It's a great cue...
Just sent one invite out. If anyone else wants some, feel free to ask. Ain't no thang.
Huh... should I move this to another sub? You would think people are interested in showing off their interests and that fashion would carry over to a pinterest account.
Absolutely. Message me your e-mail and I'll shoot one over. If anyone else wants invites just notify me and I'll do what I can.
Here is mine: http://pinterest.com/boogaboogabooga/ Does anyone else have an account?
Being run through a wood chipper head first > being run through a wood chipper feet firstFinishing 2nd to last in a race > finishing last in a raceor, more directly:Being an arguably shitty MC > Being an arguably shittier MC
...This post is so stupid I don't know where to begin. I'll try to keep it simple.I would agree that one doesn't have to be technically proficient in the skills of whatever genre they are in to be a good artist within that genre. For instance, I wouldn't consider Big Boi and Andre 3000 to be the anything other than lyrically competent MCs, despite thinking Outkast is an important group. Outkast, besides having a tremendously creative production team with Organized Noize,...
Yeah, I listened to some of his earlier stuff after I heard your post. I think I'm going to hold out for Dirt City. It sounds like he's really grown.
I met Sabzi. He's a nice guy.
His flow is ridiculous. I also like the song's instrumentation(the textural samples at the beginning seem like the electronic equivalent to some of the classical stuff DJ Premiere uses from time to time), open song writing, and arranging. Singing is great. Lyrics aren't "obvious-obvious" in terms of content or mechanics. The content also isn't tired cliches. I'll have to commit the lyrics to memory or find them written down somewhere. I'm not quick enough to figure it out,...
New Posts  All Forums: