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I'm following you as well.
RIght on. I'm following you too.
I'm still bumping this because I think this could be a clusterfuck of greatness if people got involved.
This man speaks the truth.
I don't see how anyone could make a AvP film without the film being the scifi equivalent to a boxing/wrestling film from like the 40s or something. To me it just doesn't work in any context where it's not poor taste. I just don't see how you can match Ridley's high brow ambitions when he works within scifi with such an absurd spectacle.
The pun wasn't intended. I'm a little embarrassed actually.
p.s. I'd also think it'd be great if someone like the formerly GFreeman had like... hip hop albums and videos posted. I'd follow the shit out of that too.
Yeah. It's a brilliant idea. Once again, I like it because it's more topically oriented. Well, at least around topics that aren't what x-person did on their weekend. in stiches, if you want a pinterest invite to get some tits and ass portfolios going I will totally send an invite out. And consequently "follow" the shit out of those portfolios.
That seems like a great reason to join pinterest.
Bump! You guys are missing out.
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