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The Ralph Lauren stuff for the US team was really expensive and made in China from what I hear. If that's true... Ralph Lauren. What an asshole.
Super apt.
Agreed. Also, someone needs to buy Shaw a copy of Existentialism for Dummies. Fuck.
Bump. Because you motherfuckers don't know what your missing out on and the pinterest community needs more men with class. Motherfuckers.
I've read some reviews and it seems that they have similar sentiments to mine from the little 1:30 clip that was posted. I hope they are wrong. God damnit, I'm still going to watch this movie.
Yeah, I remember more deliberate shots from Alien as well as dialogue and characters that weren't so obvious. It's weird. I would say the promotional material is something more tonally attractive to me than that scene was. Here's hoping it's not representative of the film as a whole or at least is able to work in a certain context.
That trailer makes me sort of nervous. It's not enough to tell, but I was hoping for a tone more similar to Alien or just as "off" and this trailer seems to suggest a tone more inline with a conventional Hollywood adventure film.
Well put. It's a really intuitive way to display visuals. I mean, it's not like that would be FUCKING GREAT for turning people ON TO CLOTHING, or something. To reiterate, I think it'd be great to have a whole mess of members from SF following each other.
Oh SH, if only anyone gave a damn what you thought.
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