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Spoilers, bro! [[SPOILER]]
I think what why is saying is that Leger's death changed how people perceived the film as a whole. I don't think anyone would argue that Ledger's performance wasn't tremendous and one of the driving elements of the film. I would bet that the majority of people find the Joker to be far more interesting than the other characters in TDK.
Agreed. Both tremendously disappointing. I don't know why so many artists, particularly film directors, associate bigger with better. Or think that having a subtext (or in this case a series of half baked ideas that are more akin to vague allusions) validates a film's artistic merit. Maybe I need to go back and review TDK, but I never remember feeling that TDK was as "set-y" feeling as TDKR, which is especially tragic when you consider a lot of TDKR was filmed on location....
I'm sad this is the last Batman film too.Just for different reasons.
Saw it. A tedious and tepid affair. The writing, pacing, and logistics were a mess or incredibly convenient. Nolan struggles under the weight of his own material and the material isn't even that good. I could care less about Nolan's grandiose subtext and Imax cameras and hundreds of extras when the characters and cliche riddled plot suck so much. Fuck this movie. Watch Beasts of Southern Wild.
Son of a bitch.I did a search and it didn't come up.
Wow. No interest? It's one of the best reviewed films of the year and the hype is real, IMHO.
Watch this movie. It's amazing.
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