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Don't forget that he needed a gizmo to intially walk and then makes due without it. Also, for suffering an enormous amount of brain trauma he seems unimpaired. A punch drunk and dehabilitated Batman could have been cool and a source of tension.
Incredibly well said. I noted some of the things you did but I didn't make the hypothetical leap.
Yeah, I noticed a few of the "full circle" moments. I just thought it felt really lame. Like Joseph Campbell ( for those who don't know; ) shorthand. Or another attempt to add something to appear substantial when there really wasn't any substance. Or another instance of false Nolan brother intellectual smugness. Take your pick.
You say this, but didn't you have an earlier post in which you listed several things wrong with the film.Also, Rennavate's opinion is totally worth hearing. It's substantial. I personally think he is right. The only difference between he and I is that he perceived those things and still managed to enjoy it. I didn't.
Also, just had a thought. In some ways, this film isn't that topically different from Cormac McCarthy's The Road. It just goes 100 MPH the other direction in setting and tone and genre.
I don't think the "magical negro" cliche applies at all. Generally, for that cliche to work the character has to be exceedingly wise and perceptive or actually magical AND use their abilities to assist the white main character. I didn't get that vibe and there are no white main characters. Also, I didn't think the film was patronizing. It portrays the citizens of the Bathtub as both admirable and deserving of derision and contempt. There's a complexity to the characters....
I'm not sure why'd you think this? Could you explain a bit more?
Bumping because it's a crime there isn't more talk about this film.
I was waiting for you to chime in.
Isn't he also impeccably groomed and tailored? My question is: [[SPOILER]]
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