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I realize bringing this thread back is probably a bad idea, I was just hoping to see if more folks have become a bit more receptive to the idea.
Really? I thought they seemed pretty right on for the most part. I don't agree with everything, but it's very apparent to me those guys live movies.
BOOSH! I don't care if this thread is dead. I've wanted to be a contrarian ever since I was a small child.
I know I'm really late (been busy, as of late) but I'm glad you have this opinion.
What does "threadshit" mean? I don't mind dissenting opinions as long as I find those opinions credible. Are people just supposed to only chime in if they agree with the general consensus of the thread? I know I've sometimes gone to absurd lengths to argue on this forum, but I also will concede if I figure someone has a valid point. I guess what I don't understand is why dissenting opinions should be avoided. To me conciliatory argument is more compelling than Person A...
Bummer, dude. Bummer. Save this for your Netflix. Seriously, it this film isn't released on the Criterion Collection upon its initial release (or at least in the next 5 years) I'm going to freak the fuck out. Criterion will get so many angry letters.
I think the reason is bad writing to facilitate a cheap trick with the Talia character. The other thing I thought was whack was Batman's ridiculous no-kill ideology (even though he killed Ras) and then he's shooting rockets at Talia's military vehicle and "indirectly" (but more like directly) murdering her through the subsequent crash. Also, he's got no qualms about Selina killing Bane.
My question is why the Doctor didn't make it apparent in his story who Bane was and who the little girl was. Didn't the fucker treat Bane?
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