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I don't think JP's reaction is anywhere near as thoughtful as yours. You seem to know what you're talking about.
Hello EVERYBODY. I'm boogaboogabooga. When I'm not trolling as a SF polemicist I listen to hip-hop.
So far my opinions seem infinitely more substantial as I've backed them with observations.Oh, and tell me, who are you? Also, while I haven't considered your identity past your posts that lack any real basis, might I ask how you've divined my identity and ask who you think I am? Hipster nerd and fuck boy go without saying at this point.Where is this two minute thing a rule? Can I get a link? Also, how do you justify frequenting a forum that often features posts that take...
I like to debate. The Socratic method is still one of the best ops to learn. Plus, forums are at their most boring and of their least worth when everything is copacetic. Arguments are infinitely more interesting than agreements.
1. I would expect you to not read for more than 2 minutes at a time as you're consistently ignorant and unable of generating a cogent thought of your own.2. I considered preempting your 2nd point earlier by writing that it was a lame and expected retort but figured that if I did you'd just weasel your way out of it by saying you wouldn't say something stupid like that. Then you would pull some shit out of your gaping and exhausted asshole like you are now where you smugly... consistently have terrible and resoundingly unsubstantiated opinions. Also, your insult is exceedingly stupid as well.Yeezus isn't my favorite, not even by a long shot. But still, I mean... really? Do you have anything other than basely, obviously, deriding Yeezus and it's audience without reason other than your supreme sensibilities? Kayne West consistently makes some of the most sonically and artistically ambitious...
Thanks. Mind telling me how you went about it? I used to be able to embed. Don't know what happened. Also, what'd you think?
Why can't I seem to embed videos? Also:
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