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hi everyone, i used this thread as a reference for sizing when i bought my cherry red beckmans. i figured since i had used this as a resource when ordering online, others do too, so i want to add my experience with sizing. i had to size a full size down from my usual size (ordered both a 8 and 7.5 and returned the 8; i usually wear 8.5). for reference, i wear 8.5 in nikes, 41 in common projects. hope this helps someone cheers
Thanks for the info guys!
This is probably a question that's been answered somewhere in this thread already, and if so, I apologize in advance. Is the Beckman and the Gentleman Traveler the same shoe? I can't seem to find the GT anywhere anymore, and searches for this on Amazon on the like bring up the Beckman. Some light reading in this thread seems to use the two names interchangeably as well? Thanks.
are you making wallets again yet? i'm pretty interested in getting one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ry'on The cost on them all is rising every season now, and next spring the quality isn't getting better. For now, I think I might have the cheapest full retail pricing on achilles, and the oxfords - which are pretty amazing. http://theshop.hyrcollective.com/ cool, i've been looking for a pair of white achilles in sz 41 forever
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