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i just died...definitely thought the quoted pic was the original at a quick glance
[[SPOILER]] think the unused shorts look the best
anyone have fit pics for the jacket agave (bomber)?
isaora ultralight pertex jacket
I would also be interested in a proxy for some small +J shirts
Like New Uniqlo Tasmanian Wool Slim Fit Jacket -slim fit -charcoal -medium -worn 2x measurements: shoulder: 17" pit: 20" length: 28.5" sleeve: 25"
-like new -worn 1x measurements: pit: 20.5" shoulder: 17.5" sleeve: 25" length: 29"
definitely cant wait to watch moonrise kingdom. rewatched royal tenenbaums last night
is uu stuff still around in small sizes?
does anyone know when the weekenders will be released?
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