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It was said that Claudio wanted to select customers that haven't been in store for awhile; assuming this was a reconnect promotion. The best shoes by far are the Allen Edmonds in my opinion. Oddly enough our online doesn't state certain shoes are Allen Edmonds when they are in fact just that. I own our Peal & Co. double monk straps that look great but the comfort I get from my Allen Edmonds are hard to match. When I don't feel so under the weather I'll answer the other...
Great for the price point, especially if you get one during a promotion. They aren't made the same as the 1818 SouthWick suits since they aren't fully lined (making it breathable for summer) and therefore making it primarily a warmer climate suiting choice.Also, thank you everyone for the kind words.
Wanted to announce that I'm no longer a SA at Brooks Brothers and that I've pursued a career at Omega. I will definitely answer any questions you all might have but I will no longer have the inside voice. Thank you to all who gave me their time and business:)
Saw some questions I want to answer and will do so once I get time tomorrow
When it comes to the BB and Nord CC they are essentially on the same reward point set-up. However, BB is 4 points for every dollar compared to Nordstroms' 2 points. Also, BB has been holding double-reward events making it 8 points for every dollar spent that last months. Having worked for both establishments I would say the benefits from BB are greater but then again Nordstrom offers a greater vendor selection. Friends and Family isn't till later but the event starting...
...unfortunately never has
as of today the 14th IS the CIS event yielding 30% while the F&F is due to happen end of March or early April. If you guys want full details on things please just PM. Then you can share with whomever
March March March wish I could disclose more.,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00231_Color=BLCK&contentpos=26&cgid=0522 Peal&Co (Crocket and Jones)
Been away for awhile and I've come back with new shoes Most in store sale items are being sent out and being replaced with Spring 13 merchandise. I'll be on the lookout for any promotions and keep you all up to date.
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