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I also wear a lot of Express shirts for my everyday stuff, its great for fit (and fit alone). I've found that Hugo Boss shirts in the extra slim have a similar fit, but I'm not sure the quality is really all that much better.
I have both boots. The Dalton is by far the better one. Thing about the Lincoln is that the leather is so bloody thin. And corrected grain, all that jazz. Almost feels like glove leather. Dalton isn't quite as sleek, but it will keep on running long after the To Boots are dead. In short, I use the Lincoln for dress wear and the Dalton for everything else. I don't like putting To Boot in a position of stress, considering its durability. It's in its niche when you treat it...
Some other colors can be special ordered at the sale price. If there's a certain color you really want, doesn't hurt to ask.
I'm in the market for a messenger bag/laptop bag, between $200-$400, and I have no idea where to look. All the usual suspects are coming up empty: Ebay, Nordstrom, Styleforum Marketplace...There's certainly bags, but not what I'm looking for. Anyone know any stores that deal in this sort of item, in this price range?
I'm 5'9", 140 lb and wear a size 28-29 waist. Suit Supply stuff fits me beautifully. Most of their slim cuts in 36s or 35r fit me near perfect off the bat, and then just minor adjustments are done to the sleeves.The only thing that needs serious work are the trousers. Generally I need a hem + taper + slight take-in at the thigh. But that's all doable for about $100.
Question: Does anyone know if the stores carry more items then their online store does? I'm loving the Copenhagen cut, but there's only one real color/style online.
I know, right? I'll have to look into some of the larger branches in my area, my own store and online options don't have anything that fits a guy with my frame (in the style and price I like). Well... there's always Topman, but I just can't make myself wear polyester.
Ha, not quite. I started doing Women's Shoes at Nordstrom. Fairly fast-paced environment. My time there has been full of ... exertions, to say the least. Lots of carrying, need tons of motion and something that's not going to wear out fast from contact with the floor.At any rate, I'm getting the image that med-to-heavy wool is the way to go. I appreciate the advice. No one in my immediate are carries those, but that's probably because I'm mall shopping. Perhaps a retailer...
Out of curiosity, what is the downside of cotton in this situation?
I'm willing to invest between 600-700 per suit, for two suits I can rotate. In that sort of price range, are there any brands you could suggest?
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