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Are restocks of chinos coming soon? Any new fabrics? Definitely wanted to pick up another pair.
Speaking of mil spec... any chance there's gonna be another run of those? Missed the boat on my size early on...
duck would be excellent.
Anyone got measurements for the California Winter Jacket in small?
I haven't gotten around to measuring for specifics, but the length and sleeves are definitely shorter on the Japanese over-dyes than the normal oxfords. I'm normally a medium, and I think I'd have a hard time keeping this one tucked in. The fabric is fantastic though.
Any chance of a restock of the forest madras shirt?
How are the workshirts running this season? Anyone got measurements for small and medium in the flannel?
anyone know if the east hampton store has these on sale as well?
Does the taper chino run true to size in the waist?
That purple/green Gitman plaid is great, may have to pull the trigger. Any more Gitman collabs planned for the fall?
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