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For those receiving their jackets, did Drew make an effort to contact you and confirm your current shipping address? Or any correspondence from him before sending the jacket out to you?
For the final confirmation...people can still edit information in a public spreadsheet even after their jacket gets started? Just so there is a cut off beyond which measurements cannot be changed. At what point are they unchangeable?
Is Drew emailing people to confirm the measurements and address once he starts on the jacket or is it all just updated through the spreadsheet.
Gives me no faith in Drew and I strongly believe all legal action should be continued. Because until he proves that he is liquid to finish all 300+ orders. There is still a chance a large number of people could get screwed over in this. It is quite possible this could all just be him trying to delay or derail our efforts by giving us false hope by completing a few order.Pretty much, although I think the late order people will be as well. Drew needs $150,000 or so to...
@nkwuOrder Date and item? Did Drew email you tracking or added it to the spreadsheet?
Sounds promising, thank you for this. At least he will be able to give us a realistic idea of what is and isn't possible as far as resolutions are concerned.
I don't think there is a single person stateside that has gotten their money back with a paypal claim that goes as far back as 2 years.
Is there no extradition treaty between US and SK. I mean if your homies are in SK safe and out of the reach of US justice, then so is Drew. On the other hand maybe they should pay him a visit.
I think bans should be handed out for people adding their names to the list just for lulz. You want to come in here and shit on people's frustrations fine...could you please at least not interfere with official business.
His dad knows of the situation? Has anybody spoken directly to him? I guess only Mauro is privy to the contact information?
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