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Ya, they definitely won't be getting that type of abuse anytime soon. So, obenauf is for putting an oily coating on after that type of use or should it be applied before? My boots will be worn in snow and might occasionally get stepped in a puddle, but not to the point they get soaked I don't think.
Just picked up a pair of 875 in Original leather. Do I have to apply anything to the leather before I start wearing them in the snow or otherwise? They came with Red Wing Leather Cleaner which I am guessing is not needed at the beginning, but any sort of wax or anything else? Does it come with a wax coating from the factory.
Authorized to sell SUPER sunglasses. I picked up a pair.
just ordered a 40 in 6A. If they are so slim I think I screwed up the sizing. I had no idea endclothing had measurements. Any other stockist post measurements?
Love this jacket. Wonder why you selling?
Anybody selling or seen them on sale? Looking for Size 3 or 4.
Where to kop?
Dying trying to find a size 9.5 in AJ1 OG BREDs. If anybody can help me out. Willing to pay a finder's fee if the price is not rape.
Regret all over...would even kop them in blue, red whatever...just not fuzzy, patent or reflective shit.Will kop...not like the OG, but can't regret these.
Still quite a premium, but more reasonable. Did you all have to order the exact same thing. Need to organize another hiker order. Seems like there is enough interest and maybe with 10 people or something could get it near $450 range?Ya and the Danner/Diemme aren't hideous either.Oh I see thanks. Hopefully, there will be a choice of more than 1 or 2 colors.The ones on workboot.com only come in one dull color. But, I see your point that they are really just a functional...
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