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Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog Should I stick to my more conservative suit (i.e. boxy and charcoal gray)? And nowhere did I profess any knowledge over suiting -- hence the thread. what's the job you're applying for? put on your new suit and take a pic of it.. the one in the original post is definitely too short. in any case you're a good looking guy so i wouldn't worry too much about the suit. seed
i think generally H&M IS "SF approved". it's a good value proposition. i have a couple of H&M suits in dark brown and navy, and i get compliments often on the dark brown (i tend think, though, you get compliments whenever you wear a suit colour outside of the usual navy and charcoal, regardless of style/cut/quality). the suits have a slim fit british cut. i also like their dress shirts. H&M dress shirts probably have the best designs/colour combos at the price...
as others have said in this thread, the wise thing to do is to send that email to everybody thanking them and telling them how wonderful they are and how you've enjoyed it there. this is clearly an opportunity from your boss to give you a nice send off. think about it. the other option is he sends an email out -- if he did this, people will wonder if you left of your own accord or if you were fired. sending out an email means you go out with class.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Scarborough represent! scarborough does have good food. patisserie royale has the best baklava in the world. johnny's is a renowned late night burger place. esquire, next to johnny's, has an excellent souvlaki/gyro plate. empire shwarma has the best schwarma in the world. and lots of other good mediterannean/mid-eastern food out there.
auberge du pommier dinner. tasting menu. me and my partner unimpressed. good service tho. best thing was a soup with truffle, egg, and if i remember, cauliflower cream. that was frenchy and yummy. the had a good cheese dish. but that's more a function of just having a good supplier of brie. nothing else was memorable. the main dish, beef and scallop, was just okay. the scallop was over-seasoned. ew. if there's anything a fine dining restaurant should do...
Quote: Originally Posted by mehhhh I would never go so far as to not talk to anyone unless they talked to me. That's just too much, man. Who wants to go through life like that? If it works for you go with it, but it's not something I'm going to try. I am aware that the girl from the original post doesn't consider me to be unassertive in bed, she considers me to be unassertive in life. I was out with her at a college bar the other night where I...
i have slow roasted prime rib for years, and everyone who's ever tried mine has loved it. i don't buy into rubs, adding garlic, etc. etc. i'm sure those are good ideas, but a properly slow roasted prime rib needs no seasoning before it's done. i don't like to risk the salt drying up my meat. slow roasting a rib is ALL about the temperature and little to nothing about how it's spiced. instructions: 1. bring roast to room temperature. this will take hours. i...
abject poverty or no, you need to look acceptable if you want a good law firm job. go get yourself a suit now. depending on your body type, a H&M/Zara/etc suit is affordable and looks good. A men's warehouse suit is fine too, IF it fits well. since you're using the suit for law firm interviews, it goes without saying you should get a navy or charcoal suit, not black.
Quote: Originally Posted by viator I agree. However, I will also add that OP could have made the whole situation a lot less Kafkaesque and bewildering by simply giving the woman his contact information, allowing her to look into the matter, and call him back with an answer as to whether the wallet could be made up as requested and at what price. Bam. Much ado over very little.
isn't there a thread here that's been going on for years on this topic? yes, yes there has. anyway your suggestions are fine. since you want a tasting menu your options are more limited -- i also enjoy Splendido and Canoe.
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