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Quote: Originally Posted by Brad Two guys go to (let's say) Syria. One's white. One's brown. Feds choose to investigate the brown guy. Does it make sense now? No need to investigate brown person, Syria can do that for you, very, very nicely!
Were the guys who did this terrorists? What is a terrorist? Is the Klan/ Aryan brotherhood a terrorist organization? So if one travels to the state or the city where the grand wizard lives, should one be subject to scrutiny? What about these fine folks? Terrorists or not? Or Is this primarily targeted for the allah people?
More evidence of the liberal bias in media. They are making these NYT people look odd so that we give them our sympathy.
Fair and balanced!!!!
Quote: Naji's book, written in pseudo-literary Arabic, is meant as a manifesto for jihad. He divides the jihadi movement into five circles - ranging from Sunni Salafi (traditionalist) Muslims (who, though not personally violent, are prepared to give moral and material support to militants) to Islamist groups with national rather than pan-Islamist agendas (such as the Palestinian Hamas and the Filipino Moro Liberation Front). Not for a second do I...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman What is PNAC? Do they go forth and fight teh evils? Project for the new american century http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project...erican_Century Sort of watered down in my opinion. Look, if you are going to be strong armed, then say it! None of this pansy dancing around the issues and making up reasons. GWB should have said outright, that he is ordering the invasion of Iraq cause he thinks it is in the...
I went to a navajo silversmith in NM and got amazing jewelry about 15 years ago. Most of the stuff now is no where near the same quality. The turquoise - silver navajo and SW native american jewelry is pretty amazing. Also afghan silver and lapis pieces.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman ......(deleted name of forum cause the OP did so and I respect his decision) ..... Thanks. I have a mission now. Maybe I get a more welcoming response there. Folks you saw this here first. Looks like I am doing all the work here which some stronger willed version of PNAC type group will "publish" and get the $$$$$. You appear to be a reasonable person, and probably see the elegance in my proposals. In...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman You know, I can think of another forum where you might find people who agree with you. I am always interested in sharing. Pray tell.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brad Well, it sounds a little harsh to me, Oscar. That whole nuclear stick is a little drastic. The mushroom clouds can be seen from many villages, so the message would be bright and clear (esp if done after dark). I thought chemical weapons (to limit infrastructure damage) but without televised images of masses gasping and frothing, the effects may not be as good. So it may take more incidents to be effective. ...
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