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If no one has jumped on these, I would like to take them. Would it be possible to clarify, what is your normal size and are these big/small on you. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Degendorff It's a second-hand shop focused on traditional british clothing with an almost infinite offer of Harris-Tweed-Jackets, Burberry Trenchcoats, even many bespoke tailored suits (I found a suit, which fitted me perfectly - the previous owner must have had the same strange body like me). Tweed-Jackets sell for EUR 60-70, Duffle/(Burberry-)Trench/Covert Coats EUR 60-120, suits sell for EUR 100 up to EUR 180 (Savile...
I ended up getting two pieces of this english sik wool tweed. One with green and the other with orange. Got a suit made from the orange (two trousers, one plain front, one pleated - pictures to follow) and this raglan sleeve coat. Got a quilted lining in the upper part. Any comments and suggestions for future are invited. Thanks -
Got two pairs of unworn size 11 shoes Harris Previously: $ 125 each, shipped within the US. Price reduced to $105 each Shipped within the US. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A pair of Georges Coll loafers. +++++++++++++ CJ handgrade (older handgrades) (for Sherman Bros) Size 11 Asking $75 + shipping Price reduced to $65.
If these are the shoes I am thinking of, I have pair. In my opinion the BEST and most comfortable shoes from Ferragamo that I possess. Better leather and fit than the Tramezzas. If they are a 10.5 and you are interested in selling them, please let me know.
Cantarelli for BG linen Althea tie J Crew Thomas Mason shirt English silk pocket square For a graduation party
Quote: Originally Posted by oscarthewild I appreciate this confirmation. Thanks Any contrarian views??? Sorry to revive such an old thread but has anyone had a suit made in 3yards of fabric. Maybe one of the tailors can weigh in. I am a 42- 43 R to a 43 S. No pattern, just the herringbone weave. Much Thanks
I was at a shop that sells (at least from the attitude of the salespeople) high end ties. Enquired if a rather thick looking one was a seven fold and lo and behold, it was confided that seven folds are out of style! Could it possible have something to do with that they did not have seven folds in stock ---- NAAAAAHHHHH OK folks, you heard it here, send me those out of style seven folds and I will send you a picture of the bonfire I made with them. Near term future...
Has anyone any experience/opinions on these premade fronts? first item at http://www.sewtrue.com/CustomTailoringSupplies.html ? How would you rate the quality. Say comparable to HF canvassed? Samuelsohn? Isaia?? Also the canvas is supposed to be shrunk in water. These are already put together. Does one soak the entire thing? Thanks -
I revised my links, if you click them you can see my HF handmade. I like it a lot, almost as much as I like it, the lamb
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