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Sorry about the full inbox: Quote: Dear oscarthewild, XXXXXXXXr has just tried to send you a private message. However, your private messages box on Style Forum has reached the specified quota. In order to receive further private messages, you must delete some messages. Please visit this page to do so: http://www.styleforum.net/private.php All the best, Style Forum Freed up a few spots on the mbox
Update Thursday Feb 19th, 2010: With the snow storm, things got messed up. McKay sold. Jamison (9/9.5) still available. Taking off for another overseas trip in a few days. google checkout preferred. . -
I mailed them out before I left for NY. They were over 4 pounds in weight and I may have lost money on the shipping. Have a insurance number (somewhere) that can be used for tracking if they do not show up. inbox is full. More travels in the next few days. Please post when you get them. -
How about something ethnic? Afghan food. Not the northern - central asian kind but the pashtun type. Most southern afghan cooking is pretty simple. Northern afghan cooking is quite different. Great use of dried plums, apricots etc in stews. -
It also depends on your assignment. Some places require more formal outfits for the CD functions than others. However, with the ever tightening security situations, I think the CD focused caterers are hurting. -
Hello, I am like a US 10.25. Take a 9E UK in the CJ 337 last with thin socks. I wanted these Trickers for the winter (where I wear thick wool socks). For that purpose I need a UK 9.5 in these trickers. I may be able to get away with thin socks but it will be snug until the corkbed and leather give a little. Thanks -
This message is in response to the PMs I have received. OPs, The UK/US size matter..... According to the wisdom on the forum they are marked size 9 UK fittting 5. There are two PMs indicating interest. The shoes are in Richmond, VA USA. They can be shipped overseas if the buyer is willing to pay shipping. Thanks. -
Got these from the KaiserSose Sale. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...light=trickers I have the purple in size 9. I wanted them for winter and heavy wool socks and they will be snug for my 10.5 feet. Hello, Selling at the excellent price from KaiserSose + my shipping and paypal costs. $115 shipped in the US. - These are the pics that KaiserSose posted. Way better than my skills. - Group ..... Purple SOLD OUT - SORRY
Not the lamb but do you also like it, the goose? Goose pastrami - Jo Goldberg. Site of PLO attack early 70s. Wear your IDF hat etc. Pretty good hole in the wall shawerma place new rue temple nearbly. Excellent for late night munchings. The Dome restaurant in Marais is a cool locale. Was supposed to go to Mansouria (sp?), but did not work out. Apparently pretty good. Omars is white table cloth cous cous. Good if you like that sort of thing. Lamb was...
I have the purple and they are gorgeous. Any chance there is a 9.5 around? And any takers for the 9? Just $10 shipping over I what I paid for them to cover my shipping costs. Or swap for a 9.5 too. - -
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