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Saw a prototype of the Optoma which is based on TI technology. Not fantastic quality but amazing for what it is. The comment about source brightness is dead on. They are decent in darker situations. I would like to be able to hook my smart phone for demos, that way, I do not have to carry a laptop around. -
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon as long as they practice it with "infidels". and no, I dont care to look 20 links up for you guys, feel free to look them up yourself. start with brussels .. Did you make this up or are such beliefs common amongst your circles? Are you basing this on some lunatic fatwa? Very curious about the source of this. -
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon as I said, you just have to add 2 statistics to find the real one .. 1) again, as I said, the truth is out there, find it .. 2) I do, because we have standards in europe 3) I do, how about you? 4) you too .. 5) whatever, everyone knew what I was talking about because it's so obvious .. thank you so much .. "the truth is out there" Where? Please enlighten us. 70% of all rapes in europe by muslims? ...
A tiny bit of grand marnier and finely chopped fresh dill in the lime juice prior to serving. Also fresh pepper. -
You cannot make this stuff up. And apologies if this has been posted here before. Certainly "dumb thread" material but shows up on several sources. Is this a hoax? Saudi Clerics Advocate Adult Breast-Feeding Quote: Women in Saudi Arabia should give their breast milk to male colleagues and acquaintances in order to avoid breaking strict Islamic law forbidding mixing between the sexes, two powerful Saudi clerics have said. They are at odds, however,...
Quote: Originally Posted by butterflystyle You've been warned... That greenish shirt has almost ideal drape. -
Go on a low budget travel trip to asia. Keep journal and make notes. Your mind will be bursting with ideas upon return. -
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Some pictures of what those blue suede shoes look like - I am leaning towards sending them back to yoox as they feel a bit too big - and a little too blue. Basic blue brooks brothers shirt is shown next to the shoes to give a bit of color context. Some of the pics are with and some are without the flash. .... Construction appears to be blake stitched from the pictures - see the stitches on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 A few fringe Christians start acting like average Muslims, and all hell starts breaking loose\\. Average muslims burn bibles? News I must have missed, -
Guess the izlambs are not alone in this. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/10/wo...r.html?_r=1&hp Quote: .... New cases of killings or harassment appear in the Indian news media almost every week. .... "What is wrong in it?" the uncle, Dharmaveer Nagar, told the Indian news media. "Murder is wrong, but this is socially the best thing that has been done." ....
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