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Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen Calf/canvas wingtip spectators by Edward Green for COLE HAAN - Size 10.5D. Starting bid $125. Soles look like shoes were worn one time. Edward Green for Cole Haan - when was this? Quote: Originally Posted by 330CK Those are stunning. My size too... Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Sometime in the 1980s for a short time I believe... Cole Haan really...
Role model for our wives and daughters. -
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 who cares. Its a blue shoe. Cross post from the shoe thread. Blue suede shoes. Quote: Originally Posted by oscarthewild These are navy suede wholecuts with fake captoe. Corthay like last. -
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Seven hour leg of lamb, some farmhouse cheddar, a nice stilton and the remains of an epoisses. I had a lot to drink, far too much, but I'm feeling alright. Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Is it worth cooking a leg of lamb for 7 hours? I always roast mine medium rareish... Wouldnt think there is enough connective tissue for a good slow cooking... K edit: well thinking about...
These are navy suede wholecuts with fake captoe. Corthay like last. These are specs. The dark is a blue micro grain? The white has perforations on a rectangular grid. I got these lined in linen for summer. On a modern round last. -
I may be wrong but the sizing for RL shoes has varied over time. In the earlier years the shoes ran very big. Almost +1 in size. Then they have run truer to size. I had some cj made ones marked 9.5 _both box and shoe} that were at least as big if not bigger than a more recent pair that is marked 10 on the box but 9 on the shoe. =
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 He also buys a lot of all white - white with white interior. This would look wonderful with the right spinners. -
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth NIB EGs on B&S not sold for almost a full year? Yup. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Took pics and all. Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 Jamison is awesome shoe, I have it though it runs slightly large compare to standard size, for me anyway. These are amazing colours and textures of suede. Quote: Originally Posted by clausc Excellent seller,...
Have PMs about what is available: Hewitt and Jamison shoes are available. Price drop on Hewitt to $480 Price drop on Jamison to $575 prices with google checkout, add $ 15 (3%??) per pair for Paypal. Thanks -
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