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If he favours lower taxes and genociding the muzlemistanians, can we please spin this into act of heroism? -
Quote: Originally Posted by CBrown85 Front page of the local rag says a bunch of local churches are reading passages from the Qur'an this Sunday in protest of what the Florida folks are doin'. Interesting. Are the protesting the burning or are the protesting the decision to not burn? -
Not too soft, I would say Logsdail. -
Whew, so this is not about Texas Instruments. -
The cafe at the vmfa was very good. Have not had a chance to visit since they renovated.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/23/wo...23taliban.html Pretty fricking ridiculous as usual. They make the arrest, using CIA resources, because the US/Afghanistan/Taliban were considering a peace deal. What is as usual is your selective reporting. -
Saw a prototype of the Optoma which is based on TI technology. Not fantastic quality but amazing for what it is. The comment about source brightness is dead on. They are decent in darker situations. I would like to be able to hook my smart phone for demos, that way, I do not have to carry a laptop around. -
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon as long as they practice it with "infidels". and no, I dont care to look 20 links up for you guys, feel free to look them up yourself. start with brussels .. Did you make this up or are such beliefs common amongst your circles? Are you basing this on some lunatic fatwa? Very curious about the source of this. -
Quote: Originally Posted by coldarchon as I said, you just have to add 2 statistics to find the real one .. 1) again, as I said, the truth is out there, find it .. 2) I do, because we have standards in europe 3) I do, how about you? 4) you too .. 5) whatever, everyone knew what I was talking about because it's so obvious .. thank you so much .. "the truth is out there" Where? Please enlighten us. 70% of all rapes in europe by muslims? ...
A tiny bit of grand marnier and finely chopped fresh dill in the lime juice prior to serving. Also fresh pepper. -
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