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Any chance you may make shorts like the fetching pair in you avatar? Ghurka shorts in thick linen, linen/cotton and high quality cotton may have a following. -
Quote: (Ray Ban, Maui, Persol, Serengetti) vs. $10 street vendors/Exxon sunglasses Exxon is so last Valdez, I so prefer BP. Come with nice beach sludge, dead/gasping for breath marine life accessories. -
Packing up and have these still. Any one interested. Prefer to sell both the fabrics as bolts without cutting into individual 3.5 meters. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel will curl your toes and pucker your a-hole. Are both of these equally desirable or is there a hierarchy? -
Back in Richmond, VA. Getting rid of my Jamisons. That is all this is left. The Hewitts and Mckays were sold. . Way too hot to wear over in the tropics. Several people have expressed interest in the Jamisons. I have one pair ready to go. Think I bought two pairs of each shoe. ONe to keep here, one for over there. Think I ended up selling one pair of each. The other pair has been packed up for storage. Had I realized how hot it was there, I would...
One of my colleagues (not that well traveled or adventurous) has to go to Bangkok to visit the Taiwanese embassy, get a visa and then fly to Taiwan. Can someone with knowledge of current situation shed some light if this is likely to be problematic. -
Hello, I have several shoes for sale. Any chance you are interested in a trade? -
Parachutes. Climbing equipment. Bodyguards
From another thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ny#post1022128 -
Prices reduced.
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