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Has been some time since one of the "conversion to islam" threads. Quote: Here are the similar threads we found: Thread\tThread Starter\tForum\tReplies\tLast Post converting to muslim\tthekunk07\tDumb Threads\t21\tAugust 31st, 2009 06:58 PM Salma Hayek marries Gucci Boss..why does his suit look frumpy?\tHolstein Bilter\tMen's Clothing\t26\tJune 28th, 2008 06:12 PM Cheney converts to Islam\tChristofuh\tCurrent Events, Power and Money\t1\tMarch...
Holy moly, More anti-muslim propaganda! When will it end? -
Quote: Originally Posted by hasan_researc Hey, I am a university student with literally no idea of what I should be wearing to university or for my tutoring job or anywhere else. How do I know what to wear? Actaully, to be more specific, I tutor an A level student. One day, his mother asked me to tutor her child at their own school. I went to the place wearing a black hoodie with my university logo at the front in small font. I also wore an Easyfit...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B Thank you
Is she tea party?
cheap and greasy, if that is what you desire -
If Al Q were smart, they would send donations to this guy. Hard to think of better recruiting tools. -
Used to live in Pok. Rhinebeck farmers market is exceptionally good. Joe Popovich makes his mozarella at 5 am for sale at 9 and he has very good smoked trout. Le petit bistro, calico are good. Beech tree (faces vassar) in Pok is great for a less serious meal and sometimes good music. Just around the corner is a jordanian (christian for those who do not want ot fund all-the-muzlem-iz-the-islamo-fascist-terrrorist brown people) place called zorona that is not too far...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH My new lounge shirt came. Sweet deets: I suspect this should show up on the creepy sartorial images thread... That Unicorn has pointed knees. No one here would acknowledge riding anything with such pointed knees. -
Quote: US Soldiers Mutilate Innocent Afghanis Can this be proved? -
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