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Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Some pictures of what those blue suede shoes look like - I am leaning towards sending them back to yoox as they feel a bit too big - and a little too blue. Basic blue brooks brothers shirt is shown next to the shoes to give a bit of color context. Some of the pics are with and some are without the flash. .... Construction appears to be blake stitched from the pictures - see the stitches on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Ah, the badass life of a Murray Hill ibanking analyst. Murray hill was pretty safe when I stayed there. Used to bike to Chatham squash and to bell labs. Cafe beethoven in Morristown was not bad. Has the demise of bell labs been so devastating? -
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel awesome, enjoy. After many trials and tribulations with other brands, we have become a strict Audi family. Don't they have a reputation for sudden acceleration or something? -
linen linen cotton seersucker poplin cotton tusser cotton
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Lulz!11 Everyone who has paid for stuff from me, your stuff has shipped. The flask has gone to Poosmoker. ............................... Darn it, I will just have to wait for it to appear to B&S. Perhaps wrapped in a delicious pink cashmere tie. =
The flask. I travel to the izlamistanian landz. I will fill it with the halal liquour (pref not brown, because brown is for farmer) and cherish each drop as I compose and recite luckhnavi style poetry, proclaiming my unmet yearning and longing to be like the cool people on SF. Holding and caressing this bastion of wisdom will fulfill my most drenched dreams of experiencing the unction addled satiation of the aashiq. -
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I think so, but in the process and thereafter the key factors to happiness IMO include: 1. Focusing on building existing and acquiring new relationships, not things. 2. Engaging in activities that are meaningful, fun, and rewarding. 3. Giving of your service, time, and even resources to others. 4. Forgiving others and not holding grudges. 5. Having a sense of humor in that you laugh...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I wonder what it would be like to live in a country whose upper class was so unabashadly patriotic and public spirited. I think I would like it. +1 What factors do you think have led to the decline? Were there key events? -
Price drop on the Jamison shoes. Includes trees. $545 + shipping (using google checkout. Add $15 for paypal please). -
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Hmm, you read my mind. I was going to test the shorts waters with a few pairs on the cotton/linen below (second from top), as well as making regular pants from the fabrics (the blue oxford is my new signature waistband/pocketing fabric). What are the characteristics of ghurka shorts? I was just going to make mine flat front, side adjusters, 9-10 inch inseam, relatively slim. From Wills...
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