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He is the quality seller and it shows.
My bootmaker just got a new shipment and there are some goat/sheep (or a very small calf) suede pieces. Any experience with these for shoes? Are they only suitable for soft mocassin type shoes? Much thanks -
Quote: Originally Posted by a24z I am at a loss to understand what prompted him to write such a positive review on Alden shoes. In my view it is one of the worst brands of shoes available in the market right now. I would advise everyone to think twice before buying them. I am saying this from my personal experience. Five months ago I purchased a pair of Alden Welterweight. Everything went well for the first four months. After that it started showing signs...
One of my neighbours and his wife both lost their jobs in the last year. They have about $60 K of credit card debt and he is no longer able to make payments. He has a bank locker from when they used to live on the west coast where he still has some family heirlooms. With limited funds, he does not want to go and get the items out. He is concerned that with the default on the credit card, he may lose the belongings in the locker. Can anyone shed some light on...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Vintage Reid and Taylor, Johnstons cashmere, Woodhouse cashmere, Zegna. Excellent and rich choices. The two on the outside would make smashing suits. The trousers could also be worn with the quilted/barbour/Corbusier type jackets, even a suede bomber. Pack one of these suits and a solid flannel one and one has a range of options for a short trip. Even more so if one has waist coats. -
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Wow. Is that Almaden?
This will change the flavour somewhat Cut onions in half slice them into very very thin half-rounds remove some of the fat from the stew and use that to fry these onions, it will take more fat than one expects. The onions will soften then start turning colour. This stage is critical, stir so that instead of burning, the colour transition from golden through caramel to deep rich brown. Once brown, remove with slotted spoon. drain as much oil as possible. then crush...
Quote: Originally Posted by hasan_researc Hey, I am a university student with literally no idea of what I should be wearing to university or for my tutoring job or anywhere else. How do I know what to wear? Actaully, to be more specific, I tutor an A level student. One day, his mother asked me to tutor her child at their own school. I went to the place wearing a black hoodie with my university logo at the front in small font. I also wore an Easyfit...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B Thank you
cheap and greasy, if that is what you desire -
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