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The range of response in the media in PK has largely been critical of the army and their role or the lack of their role in all this. If they knew, it is bad, and if they did not know, then still it bad. The big villa with barbed wire etc, is not such a unique thing because it could have been for a drug baron. Yes, the world there is strange. Then there are the conspiracy theories that are too numerous to keep track of. One that seems to be going more than many of...
Some of the shells are fragile. This is a consideration if there are underwater protrusions (trees, rocks etc). Clinkers are much much cheaper and can handle rougher handling. They ofcourse do not go as fast. Back in the late 70s early 80s, I used to row on the Thames. Mostly in eights. Early morning on the water is magical. -
Duhhhhhh!!!! Its is clear evidence of the islamiztanization that is creeping over europe. Covering these statues in the BurKKKa is not that far behind. -
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter not really - but here is the one thing you simply must do, no excuses - go to the islam museum, one of the best museums in the world. and seriously, I shit you not. aside from that, I usually end up in the old city and eat lebanese. their is also an iraqi fish place that is very good, and might be the only place outside of iraq that serves river fish from iraq grilled in the iraqi manner. as to clothing,...
Any sartorial splendors? Any one interested in SF meat up on Friday Evening. Shoe circle pic or not. -
Just turned down an offer of 3X what I am making now. I must be insane. -
Quote: Originally Posted by AE7 Hey man. Why dont you try to make something out of infusion systems (not used ones)... chains and simple dolls out of them used to be pretty popular in the last years of Soviet Union Can one make cufflinks from these? Why restrict to unused ones. Could be mementos of events. -
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Then why do so many muslims support these groups? Read a story about Karachi. The author stated that he used to be a taliban hating, moderate type. Then some local goon with strong political and police connections started bothering women in his area. One day, that goon accosted his wife with "offers". Going to the police was useless. This moderate stated that he was now yearning for the arrival...
Where in Italy? Serviced or not? -
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