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These run about a 1/4 to 1/3 size bigger than marked. -
Such a fabric would make a fantastic suit.In addition to wearing it as a suit (tattersail shirts, pheasant ties; roll necks or turtle necks, etc)The top can be worn as a sports coat.The trousers work very well under quilted jackets. Being cashmere, they are luxuriously cosy on winter days. But not suitable for brush.-
I have had this English wool silk for some time. Got a suit made. Have another suit and a trench coat in similar fabric which has orange windowpanes. The shirt is a indigo on blue micrograph check. -
one of my summer, mostly unlined, linen dbs -
History is a factor. If in Arab lands, it is never the "Persian" gulf. "The gulf" or even the "the Arabian Gulf" is far superior. Note: Situation is reversed in the land of the Persians! Wearing the t-shirt with huge Hebrew characters/coca cola in Herbrew/Israeli football team etc. or IDF cap is not smart. GT is correct that Emiratis are few. They are proud of what they have been able to achieve. However, if in AD, please refrain from extolling the wonders of...
The pink houndstooth will make a smashing jacket. If a suit, then three piece, peak lapels and double breasted vest. Worn with spectators.-
Been a few years since I visited Munich but the spatenhaus is great.Germany has very decent Turkish food. One of my all time favority donner kebab places is in Dresden. Even the typical donner stands in Germany are very acceptable.The English Garden is a delight as long as the weather cooperates.Last time, Munich had a pretty good rental bicycle program. Great city for bikes. Can also rent bicycles at the main train station (like most german cities).Some of the student...
Back in Doha. GT suggestion about the islamic museum was excellent. thanks There is the royal kingly stuff but the everyday things are just as remarkable. War stuff too but a lot of simple things that echo an inner peace and harmony. Short drive (like < 10 mins ) from the airport. Not to be missed. -
Some of the shells are fragile. This is a consideration if there are underwater protrusions (trees, rocks etc). Clinkers are much much cheaper and can handle rougher handling. They ofcourse do not go as fast. Back in the late 70s early 80s, I used to row on the Thames. Mostly in eights. Early morning on the water is magical. -
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