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Can anyone help me identify this logo on a French Tie. It says "1996" Thank you -
Totally insane! http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/peshawar-school-attack-a-burnt-out-office-and-the-scene-of-the-final-gun-battle--images-emerge-of-the-aftermath-of-taliban-massacre-9930122.html
How odd would be a self collared black shawl db dinner suit? Would satin be preferable? Cannot get grosgrain in time. Thank you. -
Any updates on KL. Suggestions on what to do on a sunday? -
Hello, Many of the ivory shawl collars I see have self lapels. In black, many have satin, fewer grosgrain and the very occasionally self lapel. I am leaning towards generous (large) self lapels in the shawl. Has anyone done this? Any advice? Thank you, -
Back in Doha. Great engineering Education conference. Anyone around? -
These run about a 1/4 to 1/3 size bigger than marked. -
Such a fabric would make a fantastic suit.In addition to wearing it as a suit (tattersail shirts, pheasant ties; roll necks or turtle necks, etc)The top can be worn as a sports coat.The trousers work very well under quilted jackets. Being cashmere, they are luxuriously cosy on winter days. But not suitable for brush.-
I have had this English wool silk for some time. Got a suit made. Have another suit and a trench coat in similar fabric which has orange windowpanes. The shirt is a indigo on blue micrograph check. -
one of my summer, mostly unlined, linen dbs -
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