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Thank you, Decided to go with Ph. D. It was either that or a Dr. in front of my name and already have been asked to dispense medical advice. Common here is Dr. Prof. XXXXX or Dr. Ing. Prof. XXX - For eons, so called experts have ranted about wearing socks with sandals. -
Daily driver Pic is not mine. Mine is busted a whole lot more.
Not the best pictures but these are a roundish toe, black calfskin. The bows are flat and satin to match the lapel.
I have a pair of opera pumps in calf not patent. My tailor could not get grosgrain in time so he used satin for the lapels and I got the bows made from similar satin. -
Can anyone help me identify this logo on a French Tie. It says "1996" Thank you -
How odd would be a self collared black shawl db dinner suit? Would satin be preferable? Cannot get grosgrain in time. Thank you. -
Any updates on KL. Suggestions on what to do on a sunday? -
Hello, Many of the ivory shawl collars I see have self lapels. In black, many have satin, fewer grosgrain and the very occasionally self lapel. I am leaning towards generous (large) self lapels in the shawl. Has anyone done this? Any advice? Thank you, -
Back in Doha. Great engineering Education conference. Anyone around? -
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