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Quote: Originally Posted by Regal I spent years thinking that what I wore on my feet through the winter didn't matter much...then last year I decided to buy a pair of decent boots and they made a world of difference. The problem with upstate NY is that the weather varies quite a bit, so you deal with a lot of slush (which means wet feet). The way I see it, there are two ways to go: 1. Buy one pair of boots that work for all winter days. This would be...
If you intend to layer under it, I would put on layers (as you normally would in the winter), put on the coat, make sure the shoulders are even, and take pictures, this time more clear, of the coat toggled up and the coat not toggled up. Not to mention putting a heavy hand in your pocket is going to make it drape weird, and prevent us from seeing the sleeve length, and it doesn't even seem like you're wearing the coat straight. You could also provide us with measurements.
What should I be doing/eating/drinking/buying? I'm studying there for a year, with a month off in February. I'll be living right by the university of salzburg, right off the Josefiau park. edit: 36 views, no replies, guess nobody's really got much to say aha
Made in the USA, work-wear approved ones can be had from Pointer Brand for like $50.
Um, well, it's not a skinny cut for sure. It's meant to be "fitted", I would go TTS, to be honest. I am in between a small and medium, went with the small, and got kind of wonky proportions with the fit. It's certainly cut to be fitted, but it's not going to be a particularly aggressive-fitted look. This probably didn't help at all. Honestly, I would order true to size.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dinotron3030 First WAYWT, and post on this forum after lurking for a week or so. Be harsh, very harsh, and all feedback/suggestions are greatly appreciated. (Sorry for the terrible quality) To your pant roll, all things in moderation. Try a more subtle roll, it'll probably help with the proportions, although a better picture would really help.
APC NS: Minimal wear, photos are a little over exposed, I would honestly say no real color-differentiated creases have developed. Waist across is 16.5", but you shouldn't expect anymore stretching and you could always do a quick soak to get it back down to size. Looking for $110 shipped CONUS. First person to PM me will get 5%...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nobunny Cardigan: PRL Shirt: Eton Bowtie: PRL As well as trousers from NN07, Falke socks and Gucci boats that you cant see, cuz im a noob with only an upper body shot for today. Considering removing the douchy logo on the cardigan... Quote: Originally Posted by Nobunny Yup! Seeing him / them tomorrow.. Never thought I'd meet a fellow fan here. Quote: Originally...
I would have to agree on the fabric + construction of the Epaulet's, although the cut didn't really work for my aesthetic. Now JC's Urban Slims I could live in day in and day out.
Quote: Originally Posted by VeloTime There's only one... Pendleton. Sure if you're going for wool, but the traditional flannel shirt is made out of cotton flannel. In this case there's really only one - Filson - or at least until they decided to move production and change the sourcing for their fabrics. Still a great product though, I occasionally wear my dad's which is currently at about the 10 year mark, soft but tough as nails.
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