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Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I particularly like the 3 pack of "Premium" Hanes T-shirts for $9.99 at Target. +1
I always practice the accordion in a steam-filled greenhouse. I find it helps with the acoustics. As for the proper attire to fetch one's octopi, I shall have to plead ignorance and refer the matter to my aesthetic betters.
I don't think the excess works in person, or, truth be told, in these pictures. On stage, sure. The big-ness and over-the-top is good, and as a couple of posts here noted, maybe even a bit classic and restrained for the stage. The one with him holding a glass of ice tea (you mean you really used scotch for the shoot?) is the best, probably because the focus is such that it highlights the tie and makes the pocket square somewhat subdued. The pictures just seem a bit busy...
looks better in the NY Times pic. But perhaps there should be a different category altogether for men of his frame and proportions. And he's only 22 years old! Not bad, not bad at all, sez I.
I have never been more proud to be an XBox 360 owner.
I know what you mean. Here in Orlando, the temperature took a nose-dive down to 70 degrees yesterday. Worse still, there was a cloud over the sun for almost a full five minutes. Tied up traffic like you wouldn't believe.
I have one in blue linen, Barney's house label. I've never in my life worn a shirt outside the jacket, no matter what Sean Connery wears. I, too, believe it to be called a camp collar. I've never worn mine with a tie, but with a bit of starch the collar can stand up a little better than yours seems to be doing in the picture. I wouldn't wear it with a tie, though. and what happened to the cat with the headphone rocking out in your avatar? I loved that. edit: sorry,...
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy No pictures yet, but Lobb and Green are a combined 100+. Then there is C&J and Vass. There, I said it. admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery. Welcome! (the second step, of course, would be to purge all these offending articles from your life. So as to prevent a relapse, you see.)
I broke down and bought my first piece of rolling luggage back in 2002, a blue nylon 25 or 26" model from Filene's Basement in Union Square in NYC. I think the brand name is Atlantic. It cost me maybe $40 and has held up through all kinds of thrashings since then without any problems. In four years of living in Manhattan, with 6+ trips overseas per year, it made it through the subways to and from JFK without complaint. Forget the baggage throwers -- try bouncing up and...
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