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So these are costly, around $700, anyome know of any cheaper lookalikes? Thaaank yooou
I've failed to buy the last of these awesome Diesel chinos . Anyone have an idea where I could find these exact chinos on the internet? I've been looking everywhere. For more pics... here's the link to asos
Probably Persol
Your wife knows what she's talking about LA Guy. But the guy sure knows how to pick clothes that's for sure. See, what's bugging me is that cyc and crosswound know even the brand of his boxers and yet they won't share even the info about his jumper. it's
what do you mean "up until high school"? she's still my fashion guide, I know, awesome right?
if you have mental issues, please refer to www [dot] doctoroz [dot] com
familiar with this jumper maybe?
tx hennree. YOU were his stylist?
Any of you out there familiar with this blazer? what brand is it?
Oh man please give me the name, i need it badly
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