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So by active shoulders you and indesertum mean to keep them flexed a bit right? And be other than deadhang I mean stopping short of full arm extension and reversing the pullup motion with the arms slighlty bent. Either way I'll keep my shoulders active from now on and may even stop a little of full extension to stop my shoulder health from getting worse I think.
Aight, Watch the Throne with Jay-Z from current sales is being projected to be the second most popular release of the year only next to Lady Gaga who is like the most popular artist in the world at the moment. Last year in 2010 Kanye released MBDTF which was in many critics album of the year lists and sold 500,000 its first week. Also, the link you posted was UK Top 40 hit singles. The guy may not have many singles but he still sells a shit-ton of albums and is still...
Ailing pop career? You can hate the guy all you want but he is still one of the most successful artists right now and has been for a long time.
What are your guys thoughts on doing deadhang pullups? I always thought that was the way to go, but my left shoulder has started popping now. I was searching through google and found lots of people say deadhang is the best, while others mention that the body isn't supposed to be in that position (stress on shoulders and weakens strength in the pullup).
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Has anyone handled the 2010ss all-black margiela 5-zip, made of calf? How was the quality?? The leather is not amazing but not bad - margiela 5-zip is more about the cut than the leather imo. I didn't like the blacked out zippers though they felt really cheap. You should go for the older version with the silver riri zips. I've seen some on Yahoo and Rakuten in 44 a couple weeks back.
That seems high to me, especially on the fat side. I eat Lilydale brand chicken breast and it is 34 clories in an ounce.
FedEx Express includes brokerage fees - which is the fee for a courier to clear your item through customs. For Canadians, you can usually expect a customs charge still even with FedEx Express but at the least there are no brokerage fees charged.
The bigger fitness centric stores will sell you weights for like 60 cents a pound too, if I remember correctly.
The moving pics remind me of Hogwartz, lol. The presentation sucks especially compared to last season. I'm sure there'll be some nice pieces in person though.
What's your height/weight for reference?
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