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8/10 condition. Size 48. Shoulders across front: 17.7" Chest across front: 19" Sleeve from shoulder seam: 26" Very nice grey/white burnished effect all over the jacket. Incredible in person.
Pronounce like Yawn-Yawn. Also there should be a SS15 collection (he splits the year with one "Project" and one "Collection") - some stuff is up at ateliersolarshop.
Any sizing advice for the EG shawl cardigan posted by KenP?
@reallypeacedoff, pull at the herringbone fabric, not the actual pill/fill. Kinda hard to explain but pull the MA-1 fabric apart like you are creating more room for the fill. If you pull the actual fill it will keep coming out like you mentioned.
Yeah IYeah I get this too. Just tug the fabric apart (grab the outside and inside of the jacket where the pilling is and pull apart).
Got daypack in today. No tracking beforehand. Impressions: extremely nice. Love the suede and how it can be worn "flopped in" at the top if that makes sense. Don't really care for the new zipper pulls however they look kinda hokey, but not a deal breaker.
I wish it was a 4 too Legit one of the nicest pieces of clothing I have.
Sorry maSorry man, no good full length mirror in my place. You should be good with the size 4. I honestly could probably even do a 5 in the bee and it would still look good.. IMO better for this particular sweater to fit on the larger side rather than slim.
Bee in your regular schneider size is slightly slouchy/oversized. I definitely think it looks best worn this way due to the relatively thick weave and longer length. I wear a size 4 and I'm like a 36-38.
I've tried it on in a smaller size and it was very similar fit to my actual size as noted above.
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