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I picked up the chocolate Valstar Shearling recently (unfortunately not from NMWA as they were out of my size) and damn is it nice!!! There's amazingly a size 50 somehow left still at NMWA at 40% off. I sized up one for mine and it fits perfectly - just enough room to look good with a thin or thick sweater. It's kind of unreal to me the amount of outstanding stock NMWA has, especially this past Fall. Store taste levels and stylistic levels through the roof!
That's nice. I'd go for it. There's a decent risk of looking douchey though so youd have to be ok with that. If anyone sees a small or medium in any of the fall 2016 velvet bombers please let me know 🙏
And the last 3 pages have also been about NR...
Awesome pickup! (If it doesn't work out or if you're ever thinking of letting it go let me know!)
Thought I saw that Hawaiian print on yahoo Jp auctions recently too. Edit found it:
FWIW I've ordered a few times from them. I've interacted with their customer service on two occasions and their service was excellent - prompt and accommodating.
Lane Crawford is having a pretty great sale on Eidos right now. 50% off their entire stock. Picked up the silk hopsack Tenero from there. Just noticed it only has 2 buttons instead of the typical 3 roll 2. Is this a customization particular to Lane Crawford? Either way the fabric is beautiful. Pictures do not do it justice.
Is anybody willing to proxy from the NYC sample sale?
Cheap, slightly used Raf Derbys size 42:
Cybermonday extra 25% at checkout
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