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@conceptual 4est thanks for sizing advice!
I'm trying to make a call on the sizing for the James Grose Manila. The measurements are a good reference, but I find fit pics to be a great reference as well. With that said, are Willy and Kyle wearing the Manila TTS ort sized-up in the photos above?Great new items btw
How's the sizing on James grose leather jackets?
Is the wool/silk fabric of the drawsting durable? I'm looking at picking up either a tenero or augusto in that same material, but am wondering if the fabric will stretch or tear easily with use. Also, is it appropriate for 3 seasons?
Steeper cuts and some more designers added: https://man.totokaelo.com/sale
TBS code worked on my order and I'm located in Canada. I just tried switching my location to the US and the code won't work.
20% off www.tresbienshop.com Use the code 20CAMPAIGN when checking out. Valid on all e-store orders until May 18, 2016.
www.revivemi.com Up to 60% off. Raf Simons/Gosha/Undercover/Junya/Etc
Is that T3 in sand or khaki? Fit looks good!
My bad. Pics added.
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