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Up for sale is a metallic sweater from Raf Simons' outstanding F/W 07-08 collection. It has a metallic sheen to it. It fits very small so even though it's listed as a 50 it would be better for a 46 or small. Please note it is in terrific condition and has been stored folded, it was only hung up for the purposes of taking photos for this listing.
^ I own 3 pairs of MMM side-zip boots and one pair of the classic laceups and take one size down from my true-size in all of them.
Thanks for the feedback on the fit guys. I will be keeping the size small. Just as a note, I was pretty worried that the size small wouldn't fit once I saw the measurements but decided to go with it anyways as I usually wear size small and measurements don't usually tell the whole story as LAGuy has mentioned before. I think the very small shoulder measurements especially are misleading. The gussets and patterning of the jacket seem to offset these. So, if you want a very...
Size small. I am 5'8" and 152lbs. Contemplating sizing up to s/m. Thoughts?
9/10 condition. $600 $540 Size 46. Shoulders across front: 17.3" Chest across front: 18.9" Sleeve from shoulder seam: 24.8"
8/10 condition. Size 48. Shoulders across front: 17.7" Chest across front: 19" Sleeve from shoulder seam: 26" Very nice grey/white burnished effect all over the jacket. Incredible in person.
Pronounce like Yawn-Yawn. Also there should be a SS15 collection (he splits the year with one "Project" and one "Collection") - some stuff is up at ateliersolarshop.
Any sizing advice for the EG shawl cardigan posted by KenP?
@reallypeacedoff, pull at the herringbone fabric, not the actual pill/fill. Kinda hard to explain but pull the MA-1 fabric apart like you are creating more room for the fill. If you pull the actual fill it will keep coming out like you mentioned.
Yeah IYeah I get this too. Just tug the fabric apart (grab the outside and inside of the jacket where the pilling is and pull apart).
New Posts  All Forums: