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okay okay I retract my Ugly Lamp statement....Its a hideous Jai Alai Glove
Ahh an ugly lamp in the shape of a broken toilet seat
I know that art is a subjective thing but I´m sorry that is just a broken toilet seat
The thread is about fakes being worth it and not which fake is best.,those who know reject buying fakes
Yes and I wouldn´t recommend them. I had three and found them to be too dull without the appropriate bulb.I changed two for some Cuboluco Lamps which are great but with time develope small cracks on the lid and one I changed for a brilliant ITIS lamp from artemide. The ITIS I can recommend very highly.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ61q4VH0KQ
Ist actually only 1 Page. The other 35 are full of one Posters like yourself plugging a particular brand.....thats a knownfactor
As to the link you posted Hartwell house which I´ve been to is a Jacobite house and older than its Georgian"Features" and Woodchester house is obviously Gothic, these are just two of many. Don´t get me wrong I know where you are coming from, but what I´m saying is, that of the country houses, many do indeed have Georgian additions but they many are not pure Georgian Houses. The purist example of Georgian style is still the Town houses with their recognisable windows and...
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