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That second wegner table you have posted without the supports is far better than the first. I don't know what bright spark invented the shin busters but e obviously never sat for three hours at a dinner party. It's a very credible example of function and form.
I honestly hate tables like that. I´m quite tall(but not overly) and always end up banging my shins on the supports.
I often wonder if I got invited to Alan Jones house, would I end up curled up somewhere with a glass plate or cushion strapped to some part of my body.
That jacket is too big in the shoulders and three inches too long in the body
I like day beds optically. Functionally nothing beats a "bed" bed
Gentleman you are both right so I suggest pistols at dawn before this eloquent mud slinging match gets dirty. Skinny does exhibit a love for "classics" but you mafoofan give me at least a sense of appreciating the more modern as demonstrated by your staunch support of the chair one. Both your opinions are valid and I love reading both your posts. Don't disappoint me and start a cat fight
My grandmother used to say that if you are unable to say something nice then it's better to say nothing. I find your attitude refreshing and for a man of your stature you dress well
Don´t know. On my PC the function tabs appear to be missing at the top of the reply screen, whereas on my iphone they are visible
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