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“The moment there is suspicion about a person's motives, everything he does becomes tainted.”
I could never get my head around him having that title. Oscar Niemeyer who was 20 years his senior will always be my Brazilian modernist.
Maybe they are aware of this thread and worried about you expressing your dissatisfaction for all to read
Indeed but 46 pages later
Eames Lounge Chair copies... worth it? The answer seems to be a resounding "No". The copies are what they are.....a compromise on quality with no real after sales service
Actually got a Panton barboy myself. This one look a bit too untidy  
Any good supplier will always have their leather sourced properly. There is a reason why Poltron Frau use particular hides from animals that for example come from areas with less flies, hedges. barbed wire etc. Its guarantees less imperfection , impurities and more consistency in quality. Unless this is done there is very little chance of replicating a type of leather that need replacing or repair, without considerable cost. Those differences samples of Modena black are as...
[quote . It's more John Lobb than Prada, so to speak.[/quote] Like that comparison
"The bashing" as you call it had nothing to do with the style you were trying to put in your home but that it was a fake. Everyone would agree that it's a desirable piece albeit overpriced. I've always wanted one myself but bought a grand repos with ottoman instead. I came to the conclusion the eames is simply not worth the price for what it is
Cannot say but its nice to hear you say "I just ordered a Herman Miller Sayl office chair and the 12 year warranty makes it worth it for me. Knowing that I am buying something that is made here in the US is also worth the extra money."I think your experience with Rove has pretty much summed up what we were trying to say all along. Just curios but apart from the quality issue does it ever bug you knowing that the lounge chair you have is a fake......try to be as honest as...
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