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If you are looking for hand made then you don´t mind spending a few bob. The best Company out there for "Outdoor" Rattan furniture is Dedon. Not cheap but their coated Rattan doesn´t fade under sunlight and wont rot in the rain. Thats why most leading hotels use it but once again I reiterate...it isn´t cheap.
I did warn him having the Chair one myself as outdoor furniture. Its not a chair that a lady in heels can easily pull into the table. Without the cushion its also not very comfortable for long periods
Mmmmmm maybe he´s a spammer plugging Kardiel and dissing Rove at the same time. LOL I love this thread, they just keep coming out of the woodwork.
Saw at suit like that at Michael Barrie´s in Dublin recently. Its a nice fit but I´m not sure about that tie and ps combo
Just a question as someone tall who hates tables with a cross beam like this(as I continuously bank my legs and cannot stretch them), why did you choose this style over a stabilizing system closer to the table top which would allow more leg room. Great work by the way
Ahh leave him be. We should sell him to NASA. Anybody who can send a thread off on a Tangent should be great at launching things into space.
I agree with you on the food chain being different yet its not totally dissimilar. On the Eames chairs the markup for the retailer is about 40%. Thats quite a lot considering its a chair. Kitchens are ridiculous and you are correct 70% is well within reach. I got a 10k kitchen for 3.5 a couple of years ago by playing two rival retailers off each other where one accused the other of breach of "price fixing" agreement with the manufacturer.
My Grand Repos with Ottoman cost 6900 Euro in Germany thats about 9000USD. The ELO costs 7500(the one I want) thats 9900 USD. After my discount I spent 3000 on the Grand Repos but the Eames was still going to cost 4300 which I thought not to be worth it. VAT &Sales Tax does make a difference but high end furniture like Kitchens has horrendous mark ups. I do not condone fakes but sometimes Vitra and HM are their own worst enemies but I suppose the market is the market and...
I just bought a Vitra Grand Repos as an alternative to the Eames. Even though I love the Eames I just thought thats its getting to the stage that it really is too expensive for what it is. Also the amount of knock offs out there are starting to tarnish its image. For me it just wasn´t worth the extra 2000USD on top of the price of an Eames
What about a Maarten Van Severen .03 or .05 Cahir from Vitra. You´ll get a pair for 700-1000USD if you shop around and they are extremely comfortable. I have an 03 on wheels with arm rests as an office chair and kitted my old conference room out with black 03´s
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