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I never liked or probably never understood Paul Evans designs( apart from maybe the Cityskape series). I recognise him as an artist but not as a furniture designer but possibly as an artist who tried to incorporate his art into something you could actually use. Never buy art you don´t like is what my grandmother used to say. With that in mind I wouldn´t give 100 dollars for that sideboard let alone 100k. If I had to buy something to remind me of the 70´s or 80´s then...
This is what I was talking about. No Fake or even official reproduction has this beauty. In real life it has a beautiful light honeycomb colour to it.
Sorry I had moved my post as you were applying(moved to the eames chair real v fake thread. The 7kg wasn´t just the rubber mounts, it was 7kg overall. On a chair like that shaving weight only means shaving cost. If thats a compromise to quality then there is a problem. Theoretically you could replace the plywood with carbon fibre and the aluminium with titanium. Considering the energy and cost of moulding the plywood I can imagine carbon being slightly cheaper. That would...
I had an interest chat with an official restorer from a licensed manufacturer last week. He had an original there and one of their newest models. The original looked great and even though the new "original" looks great it just paled in comparison to the earlier product. He mentioned that of the original woods used its protected and virtually impossible to get some or at least manufacture with it unless the manufacturer can prove they wood had been felled before a specific...
Amen brother, I hear you.....thats why I stopped taking Kylie Minogue to swinger parties.
Sell it on and buy what you want. It doesn´t sound like a compromise that you are happy with, so don´t screw with the table to the next owners chagrin.
You can´t stand on no legs which is what your argument for the Rove fake has been trying to do. You have to ask about your motives for buying this particular fake in the first place and I think the queen of style had something to say on this.
That will be interesting. I either love or despise Newsons stuff, it always seems to be a hit or miss for me. I loved the cooking range he did for Smeg.
I´m sorry but I don´t think you are taking a stand(apart from maybe against Rove´s customer service). The thread possibly deduces that a supplier like Hermann Miller would not havethese problems. As holder of the license to produce the products as well as the higher price charged, one would expect a much superior customer service. If Rove were able to deliver like HermannMiller then I´m sure the original question posed at the start would have a different answer. By buying...
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