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Thonet (see rocking sofa 7500)stole the idea(took inspiration) from Eileen gray who in turn had the idea stolen by Corbusier who inturn had the idea stolen by Kjaerholmwho was bought out by fritz hansen. Four designers and Fritz Hansen later hey presto you have a 10k plus price Tag.
I have them and they look real. They are LEM bar stools from La Palma. The Baseplate should also have a slightly riffled effect. Make sure the gas spring on the adjustable seat are working. One of mine id defect and its a pain in the a..
Well done and it looks magnificent if I may say so. Someone who finally realizes the merits of the real deal.
All you need now is a pastel coloured suit and a Ferrari Testarosa and yourself and Tubs can watch the sun go down together. I´m not really a fan and white dining room chairs means you have no kids
What goes a round comes a round
I forgot the Jacket in my car this morning and I hadn´t posted here in ages so I figured a quick snap should do. My Laziness is sad but I don´t want to be sacrilegious and say this is just a forum . Anyway the tie is light tartan but I need a bit of colour at the mo as its been a long and wet few weeks and the brown cord tie I might have put on was just too much brown this morning. The boots are C & J Islays by the way.
Probably posted late at night after one too many.Train of thought was off?
Very true but only up to a point. I bought a Citterio Vitra Grand Repos and Ottoman instead of an Eames Lounge Chair. The prices have been rising steadily in the last few years and because of the cult status many with more money than sense are willing to pay whatever just to have one as a party piece for the cocktails on a saturday afternoon. I got a free eames stool as well in the deal(they were having a special offer) and I´m much happier with my choice. I cannot justify...
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