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What do you think of HAY in Denmark. I bought some of their cushions and they seem to be trying to support up and coming designers. At the end of the day its all about making moneybut they seem to have a good name?
Finn I´m sort behind you on this one but not fully. Wegner, Jacobsen & Co all produced magnificent furniture in the 50´s and 60´s but it never really filtered down to the broader public who were stillstuck in there old ways. Today you are correct there are a group with deep pockets who substitute their lack of personal taste by simply buying what they see in a magazine. This however is the same group that today and in the past hired interior designers and planners for...
What about this, its called "Trick" from Sakura Adachi.
Those tools combined with your Patrick Bateman avatar makes me believe you are a serial killer with an enviable selection of tools
Bought my Mum a Smeg a few years ago. She loves it and so do her friends. Its Orange and a real standalone party piece. They make good refrigerators so the choice is down to taste.Personally I think it depends on your kitchen overall but if I had the right Kitchen I´d choose the smeg over the bosch.
I was referring to the use of the tubular steel. You do know that Thonet produced the first models of the LC4 for Corbusier? It was Charlotte Perriand who joined Corbusier to help him realize the LC4.That was in 1927. If imitation is the sincerest flattery then we can call it flattery. If it were to happen today I´m sure we´d be reading about copyright cases. You can ignore the controversy over Le Corb and the 1027 house and Gray if you will. She was basically a furniture...
Thonet was working with Corbusier who was Jealous of Eileen Grays 1027 house and furniture. She started working with tubular steel after been influenced by Mart stam who invented the first free swinging chair in 1926 the same time Gray started to build the E1027 house which Corbusier so coveted. Corbusier pinched Thonet chair development and had even contacted Peugeot bikes to start production (which they turned down). Call it thieving or inspiration but it was common...
Thonet (see rocking sofa 7500)stole the idea(took inspiration) from Eileen gray who in turn had the idea stolen by Corbusier who inturn had the idea stolen by Kjaerholmwho was bought out by fritz hansen. Four designers and Fritz Hansen later hey presto you have a 10k plus price Tag.
I have them and they look real. They are LEM bar stools from La Palma. The Baseplate should also have a slightly riffled effect. Make sure the gas spring on the adjustable seat are working. One of mine id defect and its a pain in the a..
Well done and it looks magnificent if I may say so. Someone who finally realizes the merits of the real deal.
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