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Cannot say but its nice to hear you say "I just ordered a Herman Miller Sayl office chair and the 12 year warranty makes it worth it for me. Knowing that I am buying something that is made here in the US is also worth the extra money."I think your experience with Rove has pretty much summed up what we were trying to say all along. Just curios but apart from the quality issue does it ever bug you knowing that the lounge chair you have is a fake......try to be as honest as...
Just curious but the yellow carpet clashes(at least in my opinion) with the furniture in the room. Was it planned or just coincidence as I feel a wooden floor would be better
Superb, Tu me fais sourire mon ami, vraiment bien Serge Gainsbourg recontre Berluti
Do you have a link to the article I´d love to read it?
No I´m not too far from you really. As to their credentials they are relatively size-able in Northern Europe but in relation to fakes anyone can be caught.I sat with an expert from Patek-Philippe and a watch owner where the expert needed 2 hours to find a watch to be a fake. He said it was the best he hadever seen and he nearly passed it but only nearly. Oh and I´m not American but I will be driving past Billund on the way to Aarhus this summer for the mid summer...
Hers one being auctioned not too far from me. The bids are currently at 600Euro 830USD. Its a nice chair and I understand you wanting the matching pair.http://www.lauritz.com/de/auktion/finn-juhl-lounge-sessel-easy-chair-modell-133-spadestol-f/i3359713/
If you are looking for hand made then you don´t mind spending a few bob. The best Company out there for "Outdoor" Rattan furniture is Dedon. Not cheap but their coated Rattan doesn´t fade under sunlight and wont rot in the rain. Thats why most leading hotels use it but once again I reiterate...it isn´t cheap.
I did warn him having the Chair one myself as outdoor furniture. Its not a chair that a lady in heels can easily pull into the table. Without the cushion its also not very comfortable for long periods
Mmmmmm maybe he´s a spammer plugging Kardiel and dissing Rove at the same time. LOL I love this thread, they just keep coming out of the woodwork.
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