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My new dining table arrived yesterday. A Nuur from Aper by Simon Pengelly. I got it with chome legs and frame but with the same red top as here. Very minimalistic but I´m also very happy with it. Always worry odering something I haven´t seen in the flesh.
I wholeheartedly agree that the rarity of materials are driving the price somewhat, however a bullish market drives it even more. Yes some old woods are hard to come by and yes they even often have to have a certificate of authenticity but its the same as the car prices. Why are some classic cars double the price now they were just 5 years ago. Yes they don´t make them any more but they certainly are not any rarer that five years ago. Investors are driving prices. With...
There may be a god but theres definitely no accounting for taste
As Mies van der Rohe said "Less is more". Sometime the high prices son´t reflect the material that goes in. Just look at Porsche car Club Sport or RS models. Take the standard car...remove some of the extra trappings and charge more for it. All those models have gone up in price too. Combine that with a name and hey presto...desire drives price.
To be honest I think its a nice piece but like any object of furniture it depends on what setting you are going to put it into. Put it in a nice large bathroom with lots of light with a white Vase on it...great. Put it in a smaller bedroom with non matching furniture....not so great. I still like it though. Don´t worry about the lack of legs....less room for dust to collect.
Lots 40 to 42 are just completely off the wall(excuse the pun) I made shelves like that when I was a student with little money. Am I missing something or does the estimated price include the wall the shelves are attached to.
Have both Kids and cats. Both couches we have were covered with a similar colour throw until the kids could learn to actually eat chocolate and ice-cream before it melted.The cat left marks all over an LC4 so after having it for 14 years I gave it to a friend. It still looked well just scratch marks on close inspection....I was tired of it anyway.I think if you have a cat leather is worse but older cats are less likely to use their claws. Cat hairs are a bigger...
Yikes.....looks like a cartoon character vomited on it.
I bought a Grand Repos instead of an Eames. It was a wiser decision both financially and from comfort. I got mine in grey felt with ottoman. Vitra had an offer on and even threw in an Eames wooden stool. The Eames lounger is beautiful but prices reflect its current trendiness amongst hipsters and design magazines with every tom dick and harry regarding them as the epitome of coolness.
I once spooned a woman with breasts like Foo´s lamp
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