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I once spooned a woman with breasts like Foo´s lamp
To be honest it sounds like you and your wife are suffering from IDF.......Interior design fatigue. It hits the most of us. At the end of the day you guys have to like it and thats all that counts. As the germans say "Taste is debatable" and its true, one mans rubbish is anothers treasure. I can picture you are your wife analyzing every purchase in dept where you have possibly got to the point where you say....ahh what the hell. Just don´t slide into the mistake of saying...
I'm KNOT familiar with them
Have to agree with you. Here in Germany they call it Landhausstil- Farmhousestyle, obviously occured when farmers discovered arts and crafts objects.This one here cost 49 Euros...
Why don´t you get Skinny to make what you want so we can all watch the design and manufacture process here.You get what you want he gets a project and fair payment and we all get to see patronage at its finest as money and skill come together.
Thats the thing with Cars, they rarely get re-released thus guaranteeing exclusivity
Have to disagree Skinny. It depends on what you buy. You could have picked up a good air cooled Porsche for 20K a few years ago and it would now be worth 30-40k.
Actually sat on one last Saturday. Not very comfortable, unpleasant feel to the materials and a bitch to clean
Its does but you have to get it home by the stroke of midnight because it turns back into a table
I do Indeed. The panels double as trays (can be inverted). When in they offer storage space, when removed they double as drinks trays etc. You can place one of the lower panels between the upper two to extend the table to 1.5 Metres or move the lower trays to extend the width. All the panels have the same measurements so are interchangeable. The pics are poor but it very well finished.
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