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Hal , my father and his friends are real gentlemen and none of them walk or walked like that. They had canes as walking aids and not as fashion items. I myself had one with a folding seat as a handle but its ergonomics were different from yours. That said try walking like that on a busy street and see how long it takes to spear someone. Sorry Hal, I understand what you mean by it being comfortable to carry that way but a waking stick is that, a walking stick and not a...
You are making this up right. Considering the stick or cane was a follow on from the sword and in many cases contained on to later being a faithful companion when one had gout, I find this very hard to believe. Many canes have Pistol grips. Sorry Hal I just find that strange.
Good grief. I´m sorry but that just looks like a collection of square vinyl bags thrown together. There are other far better examples of such a sofa arrangement. If you like that lego look what about a light coloured Polder Sofa from Vitra. I do like the tables though
and with that my 50 cents worth get kicked into touch
Love that look. I find the pocket watch chain to be a bit on the large size however. Leave the thick gold chains to 50Cent
I only know the Louis Poulsen Weebee.
Yeah in that colour they look fake
and yet you keep coming back !
Foo, even though I find them impracticle I tip my hat. Its guys like you that actually make sure pieces like this find a home and are created. Its like Rietfelds Chair, a work of art, but having experienced both I have to say my bum thanks me every day. Post pics when they arrive.
I quite like those outfits, there was no need to take your tailor out
New Posts  All Forums: