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Gentleman you are both right so I suggest pistols at dawn before this eloquent mud slinging match gets dirty. Skinny does exhibit a love for "classics" but you mafoofan give me at least a sense of appreciating the more modern as demonstrated by your staunch support of the chair one. Both your opinions are valid and I love reading both your posts. Don't disappoint me and start a cat fight
My grandmother used to say that if you are unable to say something nice then it's better to say nothing. I find your attitude refreshing and for a man of your stature you dress well
DonĀ“t know. On my PC the function tabs appear to be missing at the top of the reply screen, whereas on my iphone they are visible
My shibumi tie
For anyone who wants one they can buy one online here. http://www.artoriental.de/persianrugs/weitere-auswahlkriterien-antik-14027-beni-ouarain-marokkanischer-berber-teppich-p-1273.html One of my best friends fathers is also a carpet dealer and has them. Strangely enough he himself says that his business is the middle eastern equivalent of american car dealers. Full of dodgy sellers with any fool being able to open up a business and sell to the large supply of wealthy...
LOL this thread is turning into a weird version of Chinese whispers. The word is "Fake Chair" and its come back as "Fake Tits". Alone the post "Fake tits" will probably attract trolls like sharks to chum.
I just find it strange how people love to come up with conspiracy theories as if something simple has to be all smoke and mirrors.If it looks like a dog smells like a dog and barks like a dog, why to some people have to suggest that it might be a cat
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