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Cutting Meat cuts or slicing pata negra
Rubber coated.....hmmmmm. With the best will in the world and even with the best extractor fan in the world I can imagine cleaning grease from rubber would not be one of my favourite tasks
and I would invite everyone around just to show them
Ahh hell Finn, why did you go and post that link. I´m all depressed now. That said however, if I had a kitchen like that I´d probably just order takeaway and eat it while admiring my kitchen.
The mark up on kitchens is horrendous. A friends father manufactured them himself and said depending on the maker, kitchen units have mark up of anywhere to 80%. Kitchen appliances come on top of this but from my experience a nice kitchen in Europe will cost between 6k and 15k USD. Like everything though if you have enough money the sky is the limit. Gaggenau´s stand at the international furniture show in Cologne was amazing. All the accessories like pressures cookers etc...
Nice to know I'm not alone. I remember being at one party where the particular table was so bad i actually considered climbing under the table with my steak knife. I figured that might not go down well to I took my dinner and retired to the tv room to watch cartoons with the children. I explained my predicament to y host and her husband laughed " I told you so dearest when you ordered the bloody thing"
That second wegner table you have posted without the supports is far better than the first. I don't know what bright spark invented the shin busters but e obviously never sat for three hours at a dinner party. It's a very credible example of function and form.
I honestly hate tables like that. I´m quite tall(but not overly) and always end up banging my shins on the supports.
I often wonder if I got invited to Alan Jones house, would I end up curled up somewhere with a glass plate or cushion strapped to some part of my body.
That jacket is too big in the shoulders and three inches too long in the body
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