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You are kidding right, or do you live in a Bus Station or an Airport
Oh leave her alone will you, I´m sure it will look lovely in her trailer.
Amann is just a shop with a strong google search presence. There are much better around http://www.egonbrandstetter.de/ http://www.andrews-martin.de/public/669869_Home/?mx=905fcbacf45fccaac59a4688f614727f
Try this site it should help you with your decision http://www.nakedapartments.com/blog/average-rental-prices-in-nyc/
Just another nail in the brands coffin. It all started when they decided to have a range for every colour possible. Black Red Green Orange etc etc. They need a new direction quickly.
This has nothing to do with someone being a man or a woman. Its like you say when you ask a crazy person if they are crazy, the same applies to asking a person if a copy is as good as an original. We all know the answer but some will defend their choice to buy a fake to the death. The real reasoning behind it is either a feeling of inadequacy at ones lack of purchasing power to get the real thing and the compelling wish to defend that decision as being prudent or just not...
I tried but the tree didn´t want to listen. It was too upset that somebody cut down his sister so somebody could have a fake Eames Chair
Thats "Twistoffat" you want to see someone about that cold or did you have something in your throat, like a customer perhaps
Till you realize that tzhe ten or fewer are all related, This thread is nothing more than stealth spam. Screw the counterfeiters, I´ve just sent this thread link over to the legal department at Herman Miller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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