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Anyone else having problems opening those links. Every time I click it springs to the top of the page and opens nothing
I love Loro Piana though to be honest never really thought that the price is justified. They have beautiful knitwear but 7k for a pullover always seemed over the top unless I had just sold off more of the russian reserves I had come by illegally. Anyway I´m not sure about the LVMH thing as I don´t really like their MO but they certainly have done good things at Berluti. I just get the feeling that LVMH is getting to be a behemoth with subsidiaries in the same way hugo boss...
I actually sat on that chair while talking to the Artist. His name is Allen Jones and most of you will know his kneeling woman table!
Yes I did, in relation to the rug
Hadn´t we agreed on two green bibendums to go with that shelving unit you are working on. Take it one step further and get a nice Eileen Gray rug from Classicon
You posted while Europe was sleeping Kimosabe. I liked all the stuff apart from the Yellow lounger. I´ve seen the concept and despite liking the colour its just not my cup of tea. Loved the Arachnide chair and was curious as to what it costs? The other stuff I´ve seen and the Lattice chair reminded me of the Chair one(which reminds me , did our friend order them for his dining room in the end)
Nice fit but I´m worried that any minute now its all going to come off and we´ll have to start tucking dollar bills into your underwear
Those hoses are usually for a bum gun. They are common in many Asian apartments though you won´t usually see them inn Hotels. My apartment in Taipei had them.
China the copying king is sort of ironic considering the country has a history of producing so many wonderful objects in the past. Its amazing how communism managed to destroy creativity for nearly a hundred years and only now are things getting better.
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