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I´m sure the logic you and your consorts are using also applies to every good possibly made. This includes medicines foodstuff and indeed airplanes. If there truly is no difference and it is only a marketing gag then I´m sure you would have no problem letting your loved ones be treated with fake chinese medicine or drive cars with fake chinese parts or fly on holidays in a fake Boeing jet. Of course you wont because a fake is the same as the real thing just cheaper!!....
Your friend contributes to the destruction of intellectual property which secures the production of beautiful products for future generations. It's the inside that counts and fakes have no content of quality. Does your attitude to fakes extend to medicines which are also subject to the same problems as watches etc. you go ahead a buy fake chinese brembos for your sportscar if you want. Don't stop me now
Jeeez when the replica spammers starting bitching about the competition things must be bad. First post with a plug for MRD and a note to stay away from the rest.
I could see peter sellars attending a party there. Birdy numnum!
The algae is more versatile than the cloud I find or at least needs less space. I have about 24 square feet of it in front of the window. It sort of acts like a light sculpture without blocking the view out
That Newson stuff reminds me very much of the Bouroullec brothers and their organic pieces. I have their algae hanging in my living room
I use this for my keys
Has to be one of the ugliest things i´ve seen in a while. Looks like something Mad Mikkelsen would have in hannibal
Exactly. Sometimes with Safari or an ipad I can right click them. The ones above I cannot see with Windows, Firefox or safari. Right clicking won´t work either. Shame as i cannot see the terrible chair you are all on about
Anyone else having problems opening those links. Every time I click it springs to the top of the page and opens nothing
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