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and yet you keep coming back !
Foo, even though I find them impracticle I tip my hat. Its guys like you that actually make sure pieces like this find a home and are created. Its like Rietfelds Chair, a work of art, but having experienced both I have to say my bum thanks me every day. Post pics when they arrive.
I quite like those outfits, there was no need to take your tailor out
read this http://manhattan-nest.com/2013/03/25/real-vs-fake-the-eames-lounge/
The primary function of that concrete lump is balance and not to look good. There are other materials available but concrete is cheap. I´ve sat on these chairs and they are not a good design for the home. Can´t wait to see that wooden flooring after you´ve dragged that oversized fishing lead over it.As to the Tattoos, go ahead but I bet you you don´t have a chinese symbol at the base of your neck or a dolphin on your foot or a celtic symbol dancing over the back of your ass?
Lets face it. The base is that heavy to stop it falling over. That for me personally is a design flaw and a compromise on the function. If you only have one leg then you need a crutch of sorts to stop falling over. Secondly the design for me is too industrial and not for the home. Most objects like this that I see, are in public places and are constructed thus to facilitate cleaning and deter graffiti artists due to the lack of surface. In a public building I would say...
Lol the new and improved version. A classic is just that a classic and only a fake can be improved upon meaning its not as good asks the original
Wrong. The point is that ikea has two types of buyer. First are those who would like to buy proper furniture with quality and soul but cannot afford it so they buy a cheap ikea knock off. Secondly are those that can afford good furniture but couldn't be bothered so they kit out a property with ikea rubbish. Landlords of furnished apartments for example. Ikea furniture has a very poor resale value and the quality is crap. I had an insurance case where ikea claimed their...
Ikea furniture is totally crap. Without saying too much I´d never buy Ikea after what I experienced.
Those chairs are not comfortable for longer than 30 minutes and sometimes ones does like not to have to rush meal.I´d look at the MDF Italia flow chairs or the original Saarinen tulip to go with the table
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