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Here´s a question that I cannot get a straight answer to. What the hell do women find in this book or is there just millions of unhappy women out there who remain sexually unfilled by their partners that they feel the need to retreat into a fantasy world. I cannot get a straight answer because most female friends I ask are obviously protecting their men´s feelings.
Comment edited due to a repentant Reevolving.
I know several companies that moved their finance departments to India and are currently moving them or have moved them back.The reason for moving them in the first place was cost. The reason for moving them back was "Quality". Finance requires local knowledge of statutory and accounting regulations which I can only confirm from my own experience the Indians are lacking.
Buying a fake is like people who find wallets and make no attempt to give them back or find the owner. They know its wrong and dishonest but they will try to morally convince themselves that its right for whatever reason.
Don't confuse IQ with education. What does SF members have to do with the average public. Most members here regardless of education or earnings express a more developed interest in style than he average member of the public.
I like the second choice.
Nice look Szarmant. The hat fits you very well and goes nicely with the linen jacket
With 5 kg down you should be good to go. I presume the extra saddle bag is mostly around the midrift
Funny that! Wealthy Chinese are very adverse to fakes. While shopping for clothes in europe they also refuse to buy anything with "made in China" on it. LOL
I´m sure the logic you and your consorts are using also applies to every good possibly made. This includes medicines foodstuff and indeed airplanes. If there truly is no difference and it is only a marketing gag then I´m sure you would have no problem letting your loved ones be treated with fake chinese medicine or drive cars with fake chinese parts or fly on holidays in a fake Boeing jet. Of course you wont because a fake is the same as the real thing just cheaper!!....
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