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You could also say that it doesn´t matter how you dress it up, a pig remains a pig...good or bad.
Reevolvings question is irrevelant to the thread and Brittanys purchase. It has been proven that during times of recession that the phenomnen known as "Nesting" is more prevelant than during the good times. If you are a bit finalcially strapped its easier to merit a 1000$ purchase over 500$ shoes although for some low income groups such amounts would keep a family above water for a month or possibly more. As for the "Typical broke poster here" its an internet forum and not...
Don its often difficult for a big man to dress well, but I find your efforts to be good.I like this outfit. Is it just me or do those side pockets look very big?
Okay, lets go a step further. If you managed to find a deal like this or even for a bit more say 1000USD. You buy, bring it home etc etc. How will you view the fake you bought knowing the prominence of the real one you now have. I´m not trying to trick you with this question but simply stating that I feel deep down you let a combination of lusting after the chair for years together with your current financial situation, coerce you into a buying a fake, a fake that under...
Even the inkling that I would later regret something would be reason enough not to do it. Don´t get me wrong money is always an important factor but if you saved how long before you would have been able to buy the real deal?
So Reevolving, there you go straight into "Insult" mode, I thought we had cleared that one up.As for reading and sitting in the real world, I have an extensive collection of books on architecture and design(all i which I have read) and a very good friend of mine owns a furniture store specializing in Vitra , Knoll , Classicon etc so my bum has done a lot of sitting.Those George Nelson Coconut chairs or pizza pies you refer to are actually very comfortable indeed and...
I think Chronoguy really hit the nail on the head when he said once you start getting to 1000USD area rip offs don´t make sense, especially when you see the interesting alternatives that are out there. I don´t think any copy is worth buying but Chrono has but some sort of tangible value on it.
So basically its another shitty romance novel with a bit of rumpy pumpy thats gone viral not due to it being good but because women spread the word. A bit like the Oprah touch. Say it and they will buy it.
Here´s a question that I cannot get a straight answer to. What the hell do women find in this book or is there just millions of unhappy women out there who remain sexually unfilled by their partners that they feel the need to retreat into a fantasy world. I cannot get a straight answer because most female friends I ask are obviously protecting their men´s feelings.
Comment edited due to a repentant Reevolving.
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