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The whole idea of the butcher block or any wooden cutting surface is that the knife(or cutteíng object) scores lightly into the surface of the wood which makes for a clean cut of whatever it happens to be that you are preparing. A hard surface does not allow for this.
Would your suggestion of it being a fair price be cased on how it looked or how it related to current other MCM values. I didn´t say price didn´t matter, I did say it should play bow to the fiddle and not the other way around.
asking if 200 or 500 is fair for an MCM piece is the wrong attitude.Like Art and Classic cars buy something first because you love it and then look at the price. The future is uncertain and if it doesn´t go up in price at least you have a piece you find desireable.
Quite a nice outfit but three things stand out for my at least.You tie is too long and if your trousers are made for a belt then wear one.The pocket square is too matchy matchy with the tie and is so bright it detracts my attention away from an otherwise decent outfit
Its the parable of the five hand jobs and two fish
Okay. The base must be quite heavy then to compensate. Its a nice contrast. Looks like it could fall over but won´t.
I´d say thats about right
Very cool foo. I presume the water flows into the base for stability. Loving the orange wall and floor by the way.
Lol, thanks , it was only a moment of weakness
If its free, at worst you have something to sit on.
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