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Jeeez when the replica spammers starting bitching about the competition things must be bad. First post with a plug for MRD and a note to stay away from the rest.
I could see peter sellars attending a party there. Birdy numnum!
The algae is more versatile than the cloud I find or at least needs less space. I have about 24 square feet of it in front of the window. It sort of acts like a light sculpture without blocking the view out
That Newson stuff reminds me very much of the Bouroullec brothers and their organic pieces. I have their algae hanging in my living room
I use this for my keys
Has to be one of the ugliest things i´ve seen in a while. Looks like something Mad Mikkelsen would have in hannibal
Exactly. Sometimes with Safari or an ipad I can right click them. The ones above I cannot see with Windows, Firefox or safari. Right clicking won´t work either. Shame as i cannot see the terrible chair you are all on about
Anyone else having problems opening those links. Every time I click it springs to the top of the page and opens nothing
I love Loro Piana though to be honest never really thought that the price is justified. They have beautiful knitwear but 7k for a pullover always seemed over the top unless I had just sold off more of the russian reserves I had come by illegally. Anyway I´m not sure about the LVMH thing as I don´t really like their MO but they certainly have done good things at Berluti. I just get the feeling that LVMH is getting to be a behemoth with subsidiaries in the same way hugo boss...
I actually sat on that chair while talking to the Artist. His name is Allen Jones and most of you will know his kneeling woman table!
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