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True but compare LC´s house to Eileens E1027. He even wanted her house and tried to make it his own by painting those dreadful murals. Gray was not so much a provider of influence as an innovator. Remenber many of her modernist pieces were from the start of the last century. Even now when many talk of modernism they refer to Eames and Knoll from the 50´s. Gray was producing at a time when most were stuck in th earts and crafts era
Its funny you say that. LC seems to have made a career out of stealing other peoples thunder. Eileen Gray hated him for it
Book him Danno
Spoken/written like a true east european
They are extremely uncomfortable
I say clean them and flip them. There must be a local auction house where you could present them with a reserve so you at least turn a profit.
I´m getting confused or deja Vu from another dimesnionhttp://vancouver.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-furniture-couches-futons-Two-Authentic-KNOLL-Loveseats-W0QQAdIdZ508208257
Okay, I can appreciate what they are but I don´t like them
Who are the from. The look reminiscent of Sottsass´s style.
me likey
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