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Its the parable of the five hand jobs and two fish
Okay. The base must be quite heavy then to compensate. Its a nice contrast. Looks like it could fall over but won´t.
I´d say thats about right
Very cool foo. I presume the water flows into the base for stability. Loving the orange wall and floor by the way.
Lol, thanks , it was only a moment of weakness
If its free, at worst you have something to sit on.
Why a Hall tree when you can have an Eames hang it all ?
You could probably find them at any furniture suppliers and adapt them. You just need a basic white smaller table and then you attach some wheels. Find a slightly larger one to cover it and away you go. I bet you a good carpenter could replicate that for reasonable money.
Mellow I think your post here has answered the opening posters question as to Real V Fake especially as you are currently in the process of purchasing a piece and are well placed to but objectively and emotionally compare the two. Your final statement on either another product or the real thing with discount are a logical decision especially as you say that some of the companies are actually the same and even give themselves false positive reviews. The reason for this is...
The net is full of them from Crate and Barrel to Georg...
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