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Its more a case of if something is too good to be true then it probably is. Its nothing to do with being better than someone or whether ones pockets are deeper than others. Money has time and time again proved itself to be no guarantee of taste or the owner of manners. Considering on the many threads here, the regularity of first posters praising the virtues of whatever knockoff, one starts to suspect the boy who calls wolf. Despite your elegant defense I am still somewhat...
As one who is capable of eloquently using the correct usage of whom in a sentence, I would expect you to recognize the originality of the original Eames lounge chair or do you mince your words when it comes to distinguishing between, "worth the money" and "cheap".
I love people who just register for the first time and their first post is like a cheap mag promotion for a Company making unlicensed fakes. Should have included the fact that if you order three, you qualify for a free hair transplant of boob job.
Too much going on...so many patterns my eyes don´t know where to look.
SG that is beautiful. Handwork at its finest.
Paint those drawer doors white....otherwise as a student where money is better invested in beer and women its okay. You could always use the head board for a few small framed pics. Nice bedside table and off you go.
I prefer the step ladder. Those Walmart style titty lamps dont do it for me
Nonsense. It doesn´t effect price. Its the people who don´t have the means who buy the fakes. Wheter it be an LV bag or an Eames Chair. Many believe you need to have the bag or chair to be cool. Victims of marketing rather than appreciators of handwork. A fake is a fake and doesn´t have the same quality and hence shouldn´t have the same price. I myself will admit that an Eames Chair is overpriced for what it is. If however I had money to burn then maybe I´d say what the...
Maybe both are relaxing
Did you sit on it or smoke it?
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