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Nice, the only thing that I don´t like is the major contrast between the wood on the floor and the wood in the stairwell going down stairs. You were probably tring to match it to the lighter wood down stairs. Id have stained the wood dark on top with lighter as it gets near the bottom like a spectrum. Thats just me though.
Maybe I´m just skeptical but my gut feeling says I´m right. Anyway I did like the pictures of your living room area. Simplicity is always nice and a lack of clutter is good.
Yes because that website is also peddling a now conform fake. There are people who wouldn´t recognize their own partners in a dark room. Once again I am even more convinced that you have a vested interest in these fakes.
Interesting picture that. The Original has the measurements 84X84X85-91. What does it matter if you are a few centimeters short when comparing sizes.
Yeah Quality shines through.....put me down for five of those excellent Chinese Rolex´s or is that a Rorex.
Once again the thread has become a promotional platform for particular manufacturers of fakes. Few posts yet an irrational desire to push the virtues of Rove and Co
Two years ago Vitra had a special offer where the Grand Repos and Ottoman also came with an Eames carved stool for under 5000€ approx 5500USD. I got 35% discount so 3570 USD was more than okay for what I got. I never pay full price and there is always room for discount. Furniture has huge mark-ups and kitchens are the worst of all. I´m actually amazed at the effort so called genuine posters here are putting into paying full price for a fake, rather than trying to get the...
Yep even their promotional video has quality written all over it. Poor girl, if only the guy holding the Cue cards would stand still. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH_Mi7r5_2o One thing I will say about the original Eames Chair and the reason why I decided against it for a Vitra "Grand Repos" is, for what it is, its extremely overpriced.
Its more a case of if something is too good to be true then it probably is. Its nothing to do with being better than someone or whether ones pockets are deeper than others. Money has time and time again proved itself to be no guarantee of taste or the owner of manners. Considering on the many threads here, the regularity of first posters praising the virtues of whatever knockoff, one starts to suspect the boy who calls wolf. Despite your elegant defense I am still somewhat...
As one who is capable of eloquently using the correct usage of whom in a sentence, I would expect you to recognize the originality of the original Eames lounge chair or do you mince your words when it comes to distinguishing between, "worth the money" and "cheap".
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