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Wrangler Blue Bell 127MW DENIM SHIRT (extra long tails) SIZE S one-wash I bought these at an outlet last year for USD 92,- and perhaps put it on like once or twice. However, I found the shirt to be a little too big for me so it has been sitting in my closet ever since. pit to pit: 18.9" top to bottom: 29.1" sleeve: 25.2" USD 35,- excluding shipping
bump Shipping from Europe (the Netherlands) to the US has become 0,50 eurocents more expensive as of 2008 edit: didn't see the bump announcement :O sorry
Earl Grey, teabag - a classic Green Tea, teabag - 'real' green is very bitter, hence why the Japanese serve it with a lot of candy (during tea ceremonies) but the mainstream Western variants are decent Jasmin, whole leaf - I have this sort of metal ball which I use as a strainer, but a regular one, as posted earlier, gives better results in my humble opinion Darjeerling, whole leaf - I've been drinking this quite a lot, lately I basicly just use a waterboiler to boil...
The system wouldn't let me edit my old thread Uniqlo T-000 Skinny Fit Tapered Size 31 Price: 30,- USD excluding shipping Waist:40cm Rise: 23cm Back rise: 33cm Upper thigh: 27cm Leg opening: 17cm Inseam: 83cm (BiG method) Worn once.
Doesn't that fit really awkward?
Do u have any exact measurements? waist, thigh, rise? Are these raw or one-wash?
20th, last one
Price = overpriced Quality = horrible My brother owned 2 pairs of Energie jeans, which both started falling apart after a month or so.
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