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I am clearly operating in a different time zone to the main protagonists here. Apologies for going over old ground.Merely saying that it is ridiculous for people to say the suit can be dressed down so can withstand a blue shirt but an odd jacket can't be dressed up and withstand a white shirt. The most formal day wear is the morning suit and this normally comprises of an odd jacket and trousers - as well as a white collared shirt.
Adopting this train of thought should therefore preclude men from wearing blue shirts with suits.There are many "well-dressed" men who have managed to overcome the informality of a blue collar when pairing it with a suit. Prince Charles has a fondness for blue shirts and I am yet to hear anyone describe him as informal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Medvald But I was after a better fit so I went to A&S and Rubinacci. Yes they are more expensive and they do not recommend as soft and light cloth as Zegna uses was just wondering what the prices of rubinacci and a&s were? also is the rubinacci house style still as different to the a&s or has the mount street shop adopted a more english cut now? thanks!
could you get a picture of the suits to show the colour?
thanks! just ordered one
hey just got some myself - eton shirt do a rtw shirt with holes already in the collar. also is there a current stockist of a safety pin shape collar pin? thanks!
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