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Looooonnnggg day (final exams), decided to relax a bit after the gym with a glass of Fin Du Monde. Always amazing.
Sharpened tools. Ripped up sod. Dug holes. Tore out massive amount of poison ivy. Drank beer.
I've been using a few different selective broadleaf herbicides this season with varying results. I used Spectracide, which did a great job on the dandelions and clover in my hard. I've recently been using Trimec. Same basic active ingredients. Don't know if it works on milkweed, though. I noticed today that my local nursery sells the active ingredient in a 42% concentrate for a fairly low price, which would be great.
I have dinner plans with the wife shortly, so no time for anything sizable, but I rummaged through my humidor and landed on the Punch Champion. So far it's very tasty, little pepper/spice, easy draw, gorgeous construction. Hadn't had one of these in a number of years and was very glad to have found one left in the humidor. On a semi-related note, I've been having major consistency issues with my humidity levels (bone dry cigars on the top level, nearly-soggy sticks at...
Finally got done with the mowing, chopping, and spreading of assorted chemicals and decided to start the evening with my Intermediate Accounting book, a bottle of Ommegang, and a rather large 1964 maduro. The cigar seems to have suffered a bit from a lengthy stay in a number of shoddy humidors, but it's still pretty tasty. If I manage to finish it before my wife comes home I may end up having something else a little later.
Just finished up a decent amount of yard work and decided to grab a bottle of Ommegang Abbey Ale from the cooler while I work on some accounting on the back porch. Haven't had enough of it yet to form a solid opinion, but I'm enjoying it. It's a beautiful color, and the mouthfeel is substantial, but not too much for a relatively warm day. It's definitely helping to get the Spectracide taste out of my mouth.
Between bad weather, tons of house-related projects, a few fun nights on the town, and the wrapping up of both tax season and my semester, I've not had a cigar in about a week. Tonight, the wife's got class and I'm at home for several hours with nothing but yard work and homework to take care of. Sounds like a good opportunity for 2-3 cigars and a bottle of something good.
Just finished up the last (brutal) tax session for the season two hours late, got to my car only to have the door handle come off in my hand, and I'm a few hours behind on an accounting research paper due tomorrow. Hello hard liquor. In celebration of the good and to help drown the relatively mild sorrows, I've turned to a tall pour of Blanton's Single Barrel. For some reason, I'd been remembering this as flat or not to my tastes, but the first sip reminded me that it's...
I pick up change if I'm not in a hurry and it's clean. a. Every penny matters. I've saved up change (in a jar) and been pleasantly surprised when I had enough for a good dinner in a few months. b. I park at meters every day, so free parking is always good. c. Why the hell not?
XLERATORs are pretty much the greatest invention to hit the mens room since flush toilets. We don't get a lot of them here, but I always get a little jolt of satisfaction when I walk into a restroom that has them. On the topic of touching doors: there's a student at my university, sort of a hippy, with no arms. The kid wears Birkenstock-style sandals so that he can kick them off to open doors with his toes. Completely threw me for a loop when I first saw it, since...
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