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I ended up really, really enjoying it, so I may have to track down the tribute series.I've been smoking a lot of Padron 1964s the last couple of weeks, but it's nice to try something different from time to time.
Trying my first pint of Three Floyds Behemoth. Very pleasant, much more drinkable than I was expecting. Made a major run on the beer aisle at the self-proclaimed largest independent grocery store in the US over the weekend, so I should have enough good bottles to keep me posting for a couple of weeks.
Trying something a little different tonight, Quesada Oktoberfest that was featured at the B&M I hit over the weekend. HUGE ring gauge,but a pleasant smoke overall. Took forever to get it lit and it's required more than one relight but it's pretty good. Wish the ash would hold on, though. It keeps leaving dust on my shirt.
Had a couple smokes this week after a month or so hiatus. Smoked (and then subsequently rushed and ruined) a Tatuaje, had a small (and delicious) 1964 maduro, and I'm about to go out back and have something on the porch while working on some accounting homework. I'm thinking a Padron 1964 Maduro Imperial I picked up the other day or maybe a Hemingway that's kicking around in the humidor. Joined the local B&M's "club", so I'm thinking the discount may present a great...
I think that was my basic thought process in selecting it, and you're right. It didn't really live up to the appearance. It was okay, but really mild. I guess it was good, for a mild cigar, but I'm really more a fan of the full flavored, full bodied smokes.I've been battling a chest cold for weeks, but the end of my first week back to school is coming up, and I believe that will deserve a celebratory smoke.
A malfunctioning sensor on my alarm system caused a full-blown, sirens-screaming wake up call. At 5:15am. On a fuckin Sunday. Before I could re-arm it, the system started triggering in a rapid-fire session, leading to a 45 minute tech-support call. At 5:22am. Dammit.
Grabbed a Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta that I only vaguely remember buying for a quick afternoon smoke. So far, it's a little mild for my tastes, but not particularly offensive. Visually it's very interesting, and I hope the smoke can live up to that.
Last night we had the first of our garden tomatoes cut up and tossed with some truffled goat cheese and gnocchi, which was really great. Tonight we fired up the grill, mahi for her and Field Roast sausages for me, with sauteed chard from the garden, baked Japanese sweet potato, saffron rice, and an heirloom tomato salad. Not a particularly composed meal, just a lot of things that were either ripe today or that sounded good. Picked a small bowl of raspberries for dessert.
I read a little about the Beer Sellar and will definitely be checking it out in a month or so when I'm back in town on my own for a woodworking show. We stayed in KY, but just on the Riverfront in Covington. We ended up going to a so-so "cigar bar" (actually a loud hip hop club that happened to have a humidor and allowed smoking) for a smoke on Friday then picked up about 15 different sticks at Jungle Jim's on Saturday (we were already there for a wellness show). I'll...
Today was our 3rd anniversary and we decided to stay home for a nice dinner. I made a couple dishes for my wife and after she suggested cigars and cocktails on the backporch. I opted for a Padron 1964 and a glass of Eagle Rare on the rocks. I've been having burn problems due to the weather, but the '64 has been great, despite the need for a couple of relights. We're heading to Cincinnati for the weekend to celebrate and I anticipate picking up a few nice sticks at a...
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