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I've probably got better than a dozen plain white (or white with texture). Maybe 2 or 3 MTM ones from a few years ago (subsequently taken in thanks to weight loss), half a dozen older white ones of cheap make that have been altered a few times, and maybe 6-8 that I've picked up recently, mostly BB, Gitman Bros, Robert Talbott, and Ike Behar (few, if any, needed any tailoring). I'd definitely like to have a few more to add to the rotation. Add in white shirts with faint...
Tomorrow's my birthday and I had a few hours to kill (as well as some reading for school) so I went out back with a cup of ceylon and the Padron 1964 natural that I picked up (for free) at the B&M for my b'day. Everytime I smoke one I wonder why I haven't just bought a box already. I love these damned things way too much. As for the current discussion re: cutters, I had a Xikar that I loved to pieces, unfortunately one of the wooden scales came loose and I've...
Having finished off the last of the cask strength scotch before putting my first of five pies in te oven, I'm now enjoying a bit of New Holland Charkoota Rye on the back porch. Quite good, and not nearly as overpowering as Beer Advocate had suggested.
And it looks like I was correct. Picked up a free Padron 64 for my birthday and enjoyed a Partegas Black before grabbing sushi with a buddy. Had a Tatuaje of some sort in the drive home.Took today off of work to get some baking done and I'm curretly enjoying an LGC series R with the last of my MacCallan cask strength while the apples cool.
Just lit up my first Padron 1964 Family Reserve on the backporch with a glass of a French red and the newest Esquire. I have high expectations for this one, being a diehard Padron fanboy. Appearance and first few drags have been good, but I'm interested to see how it develops. Pretty sure I get a free/heavily discounted cigar this week at the local B&M (birthday thing). Already contemplating what I may choose.
Successfully pulled off an ambitious banquet event last night capped off with a major announcement that I've been keeping under wraps for several months. Decided to celebrate with a Padron 1965 maduro (no idea what size) out back. My rekindled interest in cigars over the past year has left me with the need to replenish my humidor. What a shame.
That was fantastic. I made my wife come over and watch it, too. At first she thought I was crazy, but we were both mesmerized by the 5 minute mark.
Just finished up handing out candy, and now I've retired to the back porch to enjoy a can of cranberry seltzer and a Tatuaje Cojonu 2003 while catching up on this season of The Office.
Had an especially trying class this evening, so I came home with bourbon on my mind. Two moderate pours of Eagle Rare 10yr, neat. God I can't wait until this semester is over.
Wife's at work, M-I-L is sleeping, decided to take advantage of a quiet Sunday afternoon with a smallish Opus X I had laying in the humidor. It has a few burn problems, which has always been my experience with them, but it's the best flavor I've ever experienced from an Opus, which I had always found over hyped. This one is living up to the acclaim.
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