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If you don't mind, how long is yours overdue?I wonder if medtech is still helping SF members prod him. Someone once suggested to me to go through medtech
Is two years the norm now? It's been 2 1/2 years+ for me but I'm still trying to get back to the shape I was at the last fitting (more than a year ago). Hope he comes through or I'm going to find him in Naples -- or the Armoury... er
Thanks! I'll keep that in mind.Ha, maybe someone at AC is reading this thread -- the LA store seems easier to work with now.They offer hand stitching at AC. On MTM, the premium is probably less than for some of the Italian brands
Yup, no more. Looks like they're struggling to keep up with orders now.I remember reading some of your AC posts when I was looking for a shirtmaker. Can you recommend any of the HK locations/specific fitters?
in stitches, that's really nice of the NY store. I wonder if you worked with Justin? He's the younger generation of the fam. The NY store had a student discount years ago and he was kind enough to extend the offer to LA orders. Damn, why didn't I think to go to the NY store? edit: I've heard good things about a few of the HK locations. I've visited but never ordered. Well, off to see them and MyTailor tomorrow to figure out the first shirts...
Which location do you use?The guys at the Beverly Hills store are driving me crazy. This is my second order with them in 4 years so we're starting over. The first shirt isn't fitting quite right (some parts fit but whole shirt rolls back) and they're asking me what and how much to change.MyTailor seems easier to work with; granted, Ascot Chang has better finishing.
I have a few photos from when Minnis was offered here but don't know how to post pictures. I'd be happy to get them to you if you want to review
Received my second order today. Quick response, shipping Thanks very much.
Received mine today! Saved me the trouble of going through RJW's US rep for buttons Thanks!
I received mine today. Creative selection and good seller. Thanks!
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